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2016 Statute

Section Number

47-814 - Purpose of act.
47-815 - Short title.
47-816 - Definitions.
47-817 - Practice without license prohibited; exceptions.
47-818 - State board of veterinary examiners; appointment; terms; vacancies; qualifications; removal by governor.
47-819 - State board of veterinary examiners; meetings; quorum; officers, election and duties; compensation and expenses.
47-820 - Disposition of moneys; veterinary examiners fee fund.
47-821 - Powers of board.
47-822 - Fees for examinations, registrations, inspections, licenses and renewals.
47-824 - Application for license; issuance of license; qualifications.
47-825 - Examinations; rules and regulations; notice of results; recordation and issuance of license.
47-829 - Licenses; expiration; renewal; continuing education requirements.
47-830 - Grounds for refusal to issue or revocation or suspension of license or other restrictions.
47-832 - Reinstatement of revoked or suspended license.
47-834 - Prohibition against practice without license; unlawful practice of veterinary medicine; unlawful operation or management by a person of veterinary premises; criminal penalties; remedies of board; actions by board against persons other than licensees, registrants or veterinarians.
47-835 - Abandonment of animals; notice to owner; relief from liability for disposal; "abandoned" defined.
47-836 - Lien for veterinary services; preference.
47-837 - Savings clause.
47-838 - Severability.
47-839 - Confidentiality; exceptions; waiver.
47-840 - Registration of veterinary premises; application; inspections; renewals; fees.
47-841 - Veterinarian not liable for good faith volunteer actions.
47-842 - Authority of board to assess fines; grounds; proceedings conducted in accordance with Kansas administrative procedure act.
47-843 - Violation of act; civil citation; penalties.
47-844 - Civil citation; notice to contest; procedures; disciplinary actions and civil penalties.
47-845 - Construction of act.
47-846 - Definitions.
47-847 - Reports relating to impaired veterinarians; board or committee investigation.
47-848 - Same; board agreement with committee; responsibilities; evaluations; restricted license; immunity from civil liability for report or investigation; diagnostic examination.
47-849 - Same; contents of; reports, records and proceedings confidential and privileged.
47-850 - Immunity from civil liability for report or investigation, limits.
47-851 - Failure to report; immunity from civil liability.
47-852 - Employer retribution for reporting; prohibition; remedy.
47-853 - Purpose of reporting impaired veterinarians; status of entities conducting programs; antitrust immunity.
47-854 - Act supplemental to existing law.
47-855 - Institutional license; eligibility; scope of practice.
47-856 - Same; application; qualifications.