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2016 Statute


47-818.State board of veterinary examiners; appointment; terms; vacancies; qualifications; removal by governor. (a) In order to promote the public health, safety and welfare in relation to the practice of veterinary medicine, there is hereby established the state board of veterinary examiners which shall consist of seven members, six of whom shall be licensed veterinarians and one member who shall not be a veterinarian. Upon the expiration of any member's term, the governor shall appoint a successor to ensure the representation of the major facets of veterinary medical practice for a term of four years, which term shall commence on July 1 and shall expire on June 30. Before entering into a term of office, each member of the board shall file with the secretary of state a written oath to discharge the member's duties in a faithful manner.

(b) The procedure for appointing members of the board under this act shall be as follows:

(1) The board of directors of the Kansas veterinary medical association shall submit the names of three or more, or any other person may submit the name of one or more qualified veterinarians to the governor at least 30 days before the expiration of the term of any member of the board who is a licensed veterinarian. The governor may appoint one of the persons whose name is so submitted to the veterinarian member's seat.

(2) A vacancy occurring on the board prior to expiration of the term of a member who is a veterinarian shall be filled for the remainder of the unexpired term in the same manner as prescribed in paragraph (1) of this subsection (b).

(c) No person shall be qualified to serve as a veterinarian member of the board unless such person:

(1) Is a legal resident of the state of Kansas;

(2) is a graduate of a board-approved school of veterinary medicine;

(3) is licensed to practice veterinary medicine in this state; and

(4) has had three years of actual practice in veterinary medicine in the state of Kansas preceding the time of appointment.

(d) No person shall be qualified to serve as the nonveterinarian member of the board unless such person:

(1) Has been a legal resident of the state of Kansas for three or more years;

(2) is not a family member, as defined in K.A.R. 19-40-4 and amendments thereto of a veterinarian;

(3) has no financial interest in any veterinary practice or veterinary premises as an owner or employee, or as a family member of an owner or employee, of such practice or premises; and

(4) has never engaged in the profession or business of educating or training veterinarians or students of veterinary medicine.

(e) The governor may remove any member of the board upon recommendation of the board.

History: L. 1969, ch. 261, § 5; L. 1978, ch. 308, § 50; L. 1980, ch. 155, § 3; L. 1981, ch. 299, § 49; L. 1993, ch. 129, § 5; L. 1999, ch. 25, § 3; July 1.