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2016 Statute


47-830. Grounds for refusal to issue or revocation or suspension of license or other restrictions. The board, in accordance with the provisions of the Kansas administrative procedure act, may refuse to issue a license, revoke, suspend, limit, condition, reprimand or restrict a license to practice veterinary medicine or an institutional license for any of the following reasons:

(a) The employment of fraud, misrepresentation or deception in obtaining a license;

(b) an adjudication of incapacity by a court of competent jurisdiction;

(c) for having professional connection with or lending one's name to any illegal practitioner of veterinary medicine and the various branches thereof;

(d) false or misleading advertising;

(e) conviction of a felony or entering into a plea agreement or a diversion agreement in lieu of further criminal proceedings on a complaint alleging a violation of a felony;

(f) failure to provide a written response within the time prescribed by the board to a written request made by the board pursuant to an investigation by or on behalf of the board;

(g) employing, contracting with or utilizing in any manner any person in the unlawful practice of veterinary medicine;

(h) fraud or dishonest conduct in applying, treating or reporting diagnostic biological tests of public health significance or in issuing health certificates;

(i) failure of the veterinarian who is responsible for the operation and management of a veterinary premises to keep the veterinary premises in compliance with minimum standards established by rules and regulations as to sanitary conditions and physical plant;

(j) failure to report as required by law, or making false report of any contagious or infectious disease;

(k) dishonesty or negligence in the inspection of foodstuffs;

(l) cruelty or inhumane treatment to animals;

(m) disciplinary or administrative action taken by any federal, state or local regulatory agency or any foreign country on grounds other than nonpayment of registration fees;

(n) disclosure of any information in violation of K.S.A. 47-839, and amendments thereto;

(o) unprofessional conduct as defined in rules and regulations adopted by the board includes, but is not limited to, the following:

(1) Conviction of a charge of violating any federal statute or any statute of this state, regarding controlled substances as defined in K.S.A. 65-4101, and amendments thereto;

(2) using unless lawfully prescribed, prescribing or administering to oneself or another person any of the controlled substances as defined in K.S.A. 65-4101, and amendments thereto or using, prescribing or administering any of the controlled substances as defined in K.S.A. 65-4101, and amendments thereto or alcoholic beverages or any other drugs, chemicals or substances to the extent, or in such a manner as to be dangerous or injurious to a person licensed under the Kansas veterinary practice act, to oneself or to any other person or to the public, or to the extent that such use impairs the ability of such person so licensed to conduct with safety the practice authorized by the license;

(3) the conviction of more than one misdemeanor or any felony involving the use, consumption or self-administration of any of the substances referred to in this section or any combination thereof;

(4) violation of or attempting to violate, directly or indirectly, any provision of the Kansas veterinary practice act or any rules and regulations adopted pursuant to such act; and

(5) violation of an order of the board;

(p) conviction of a crime substantially related to qualifications, functions or duties of veterinary medicine, surgery or dentistry;

(q) fraud, deception, negligence or incompetence in the practice of veterinary medicine;

(r) the use, prescription, administration, dispensation or sale of any veterinary prescription drug or the prescription of an extra-label use of any over-the-counter drug in the absence of a valid veterinary-client-patient relationship;

(s) failing to furnish details or copies of a patient's medical records or failing to provide reasonable access to or a copy of a patient's radiographs to another treating veterinarian, hospital or clinic, upon the written request of and authorization from an owner or owner's agent, or failing to provide the owner or owner's agent with a summary of the medical record within a reasonable period of time and upon proper request by the owner or owner's agent, or failing to comply with any other law relating to medical records; or

(t) determination that the veterinarian is impaired, as defined in K.S.A. 47-846, and amendments thereto, by a representative of the impaired veterinarian committee, or as determined by the board after a hearing.

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