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2019 Statute

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17-2201. Organization of credit unions; articles of incorporation and bylaws; approval of administrator; application of corporation code; filing fees. (a) Any seven persons who are residents of the state of Kansas may apply to the administrator of the credit union department for permission to organize a credit union by signing in duplicate a certificate of organization and entering into articles of incorporation, in which they shall bind themselves to comply with its requirements and with all the laws, rules and regulations applicable to credit unions. The articles of incorporation shall set forth:

(1) The name of the proposed credit union, which shall contain the words "credit union" and shall not be the same as that of any other credit union in this state.

(2) The names and addresses of the subscribers to the articles of incorporation, and the number of shares subscribed by each.

(3) A statement that organization as a credit union is desired under the state credit union code, the par value of the shares and the manner in which the par value of shares may be changed from time to time.

(4) The address, which shall include the street, number, city and county of the corporation's registered office in this state and the name of its resident agent at such address.

(b) At the time of filing the articles of incorporation with the administrator, the organizers shall submit, in duplicate, sets of bylaws which shall provide:

(1) The date of the first annual meeting, the manner in which subsequent annual meeting dates shall be determined, the manner of notification of meetings and conducting the meetings, the number of members constituting a quorum and regulations as to voting.

(2) The number of directors, which shall not be less than five, all of whom must be members, their powers and duties, together with the duties of officers elected by the board of directors.

(3) The qualifications for membership.

(4) The number of members of the credit committee and of the supervisory committee, which shall not be less than three each, and their respective powers and duties.

(5) The conditions under which shares may be issued.

(c) The administrator shall approve the articles of incorporation, if they are in conformity with this act and the bylaws, if satisfied that the proposed field of operation is favorable to the success of such credit union, and that the standing of the proposed organizers is such as to give assurance that its affairs will be properly administered. If the administrator approves the articles of incorporation, the administrator shall issue to the proposed organizers a certificate of approval annexed to the duplicate of the articles of incorporation and of the bylaws. The articles of incorporation, with the certificate of approval annexed, shall be executed and filed and become effective in the manner prescribed in the general corporation code. The copy of the articles of incorporation filed with the secretary of state shall be accompanied by the fee prescribed by K.S.A. 17-7506, and amendments thereto. The articles of incorporation of any credit union approved as provided in this section by the secretary of state in the same manner as other domestic corporations are approved whether or not acted upon by the charter board.

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