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2019 Statute

Section Number

17-2201 - Organization of credit unions; articles of incorporation and bylaws; approval of administrator; application of corporation code; filing fees.
17-2202 - Amendments to bylaws and charter; bylaw amendments to be filed; administrator's disapproval of amendments to bylaws; appeal.
17-2203 - Use of name; penalty for unauthorized use.
17-2204 - Powers of credit unions.
17-2204a - Investments; limitations; definition of credit union services organization.
17-2205 - Membership of credit union; continuation of branch operations, limitations.
17-2206 - Supervision and powers of administrator; reports, fines; examination, fees.
17-2206a - Undelivered funds due creditors, depositors and shareholders of defunct credit union; duties of administrator and state treasurer; undistributed assets of defunct credit unions fund.
17-2207 - Fiscal year; meetings.
17-2208 - Officers; board of directors; committees; suspension of members, when.
17-2209 - Directors to elect officers; duties of board; executive committee.
17-2210 - Method of making loans.
17-2211 - Duties of supervisory committee; annual and supplementary audits; acceptance of certain audits.
17-2212 - Capital and revenue of credit union; right of setoff; dormant accounts; unmatured shares; transfer to reserve fund, when.
17-2213 - Shares to minors; joint tenancy shareholdings; trust accounts; credit union can act as trustee or custodian.
17-2214 - Corporate credit unions; powers; lending to members; credit unions lending to each other, approval.
17-2215 - Power to borrow money; limitations.
17-2215a - Power of corporate credit unions to borrow increased by amount of certain investments.
17-2216 - Loans to members; limitations.
17-2216a - Loans to directors or members of credit or supervisory committees; conditions.
17-2217 - Reserve income; payments into reserve fund; rules and regulations.
17-2218 - Dividends.
17-2219 - Expulsion of members, when; policy, notice; withdrawal of member from credit union.
17-2221 - Change in place of business; how accomplished.
17-2221a - Credit union branches; procedure.
17-2222 - Conversion from state to federal credit union.
17-2223 - Incorporation in this state of federal credit union or credit union organized in another state; procedure; name; effect of granting charter.
17-2223a - Administrator's approval required before foreign credit union does business in state; examination; hearing.
17-2226 - Purchase of real estate, material, equipment or improvements; lease and disposition of property.
17-2227 - Information concerning credit unions; disclosure authorized; otherwise confidential; exceptions.
17-2228 - Merger with other credit union, procedure; certificate requirements; assets and liabilities; cancellation of terminated credit union charter.
17-2229 - Sale or purchase of assets to or of another credit union; agreement; approval of administrator; effective date; dissolution of selling credit union; reserves.
17-2230 - Voluntary and involuntary dissolution; appointment of agent; liquidation procedure.
17-2231 - Definitions.
17-2232 - Credit union council; membership, appointment, terms; meetings.
17-2233 - Credit union administrator; appointment, duties, salary, expenses and term.
17-2234 - Department of credit unions; supervision; employees; attorney; security background check.
17-2235 - Credit union council's compensation and expenses.
17-2236 - Bonds of administrator, examiners and employees; disposition of moneys; credit union fee fund.
17-2237 - Transfer of jurisdiction and records.
17-2238 - Continuity of previously organized credit unions.
17-2239 - Continuity of proceedings.
17-2240 - Housing of department.
17-2241 - Appeals.
17-2243 - Invalidity of part.
17-2244 - Authority to operate in same activities as other federally insured credit unions; powers of administrator; report to legislature.
17-2245 - Credit union may participate in loan with another credit union, financial organization or national cooperative bank.
17-2246 - Share insurance required.
17-2260 - Rules and regulations.
17-2262 - Severability.
17-2263 - Contracts for payment of members' accounts to beneficiaries upon members' deaths; rights of member during lifetime; change of beneficiary.
17-2264 - Same; duties of credit union; release and discharge thereof.
17-2268 - Personal liability of officers and directors, exceptions.
17-2269 - Citation.