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2016 Statute


48-223.Semiannual inspections of regiments and battalions and annual property inspection; compensation of officers. There shall be a semiannual inspection of each regiment and separate battalion of the Kansas national guard, made by the commanding officer thereof or under the officer's supervision, to be designated respectively as "spring" and "fall" inspection. Each company and auxiliary organization and each battery shall be inspected at its armory, in accordance with the requirements of the regulations governing such inspections prepared and promulgated by the military board and the special instructions of the commander in chief: Provided, That should a regiment or part of a regiment be mobilized during the spring or fall, the semiannual inspection may be made at that time. The officer making the semiannual inspection, when not under pay at a regular camp of instruction, will be entitled to receive as compensation, for the reasonable and necessary time employed and in traveling to and from, five dollars per day, and the necessary expenses for travel and subsistence in line of duty during the time such service is rendered. Sworn vouchers minutely itemized shall be filed in duplicate with the adjutant general before such claim for services and expenses can be paid.

There shall be, in addition to the regular semiannual inspection, an annual property inspection made by an officer from the office of the adjutant general, or some officer of the governor's staff or a regular army officer detailed thereon or some officer of the Kansas national guard detailed for such duty by the adjutant general, on such date or dates as the adjutant general shall designate. The inspecting officer shall inspect every item of United States and state military property in the possession of each organization of the Kansas national guard, and will verify the same with the accounts rendered by each responsible officer; the inspecting officer shall have authority to pass upon the serviceableness or suitability of each item of property submitted to him or her for such inspection, and to order property deemed by him or her to be unserviceable or unsuitable shipped at once to the state arsenal.

If the inspecting officer is other than a salaried officer of the governor's staff or an officer of the regular army, he or she shall be entitled to compensation, for the actual and necessary time employed in traveling to and from and making such property inspection, at the rate of five dollars per day. All officers making such property inspection, shall be entitled to reimbursement for necessary and actual expenses for travel and subsistence while making such annual property inspection.

History: L. 1901, ch. 255, § 29; L. 1903, ch. 359, § 1 (29); June 1; R.S. 1923, 48-223.