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2016 Statute

Section Number

48-201 - Composition and organization; term "Kansas state guard" defined; tax exemptions to instrumentalities of armed forces.
48-202 - Staff officers; qualifications; vacancies.
48-203 - Commander in chief; chief of staff; rank; qualifications; compensation; aides-de-camp.
48-204 - Adjutant general; powers and duties; appointment of security and law enforcement officers.
48-205 - Adjutant general; special assistants; judge advocate general; compensation; finance and disbursing officer; employees.
48-206 - Duties of finance and disbursing officer; vouchers and warrants.
48-208 - Appointments and commissions.
48-209 - Terms of officers; order to active service by governor, when; rank; compensation.
48-210 - Enlistments; standard physical examinations; medical fee.
48-211 - Discharge or retirement for disability; retired list; exemption from jury duty, when.
48-212 - Oath of officers and enlisted persons.
48-213 - Federal requirements applicable to officers; minimum age; vacancies in commissioned grades.
48-214 - Military advisory board; duties.
48-215 - Meetings of the state military board; compensation and allowances.
48-216 - Uniforms, arms and equipment.
48-217 - Use of ordnance or supplies issued by the United States; ammunition for salutes.
48-218 - Use and storage of property.
48-219 - Penalty for unlawful acts affecting property.
48-220 - Payment of state allowance to finance and disbursing officer of national guard, state guard or armory board.
48-221 - Unit training assemblies; application of federal rules and regulations; record of attendance; trial of personnel absent without leave.
48-222 - Annual muster and camp of instruction; duty to attend; unlawful acts by employer, penalty.
48-223 - Semiannual inspections of regiments and battalions and annual property inspection; compensation of officers.
48-224 - Rations and clothing allowances when in actual service.
48-225 - Pay and allowances; health insurance, reimbursement of costs, when; active state service in nonemergency situation; active duty; details.
48-227 - Resumption of guard service after release from federal service.
48-228 - Distribution of laws.
48-237 - Dues and fines; collection and disposition.
48-238 - Calling out militia.
48-239 - Call and organization of volunteers; discharge.
48-240 - Duty of commanding officer in case of invasion, insurrection or public disaster.
48-241 - Ordering militia into active service.
48-241a - Payment of expenses for defense of members of national and state guards in certain civil and criminal actions; selection of defense attorney; duties of attorney general.
48-242 - Call by sheriff or mayor for aid.
48-243 - Failure to obey orders or to cooperate with civil authorities.
48-244 - Report for duty when called into active service.
48-245 - Uniforms, arms and equipment exempt from suit, execution or sale for debt.
48-246 - Location of new companies; method of organization; muster out and discharge.
48-247 - Same; administration of oath of enlistment.
48-248 - Oath of officers.
48-249 - Existing organizations.
48-251 - Warrants of director of accounts and reports.
48-252 - Transportation of troops and equipment.
48-252a - Movement of state and national military forces; exemption from traffic regulations; priority of right-of-way, exceptions.
48-252b - Authorizing certain military personnel to direct traffic on public roads and highways.
48-252c - Same; application for authority; contents.
48-252d - Same; limitations.
48-253 - Annual civilian rifle-team competition; expense of.
48-254 - Same; disbursal of allowance by adjutant general.
48-261 - Death and disability benefits for members of national and state guards; military disability board; membership, powers and duties; emergency fund allocations.
48-262 - Same; entitlements.
48-263 - Same; limitations.
48-264 - Same; effect of federal service.
48-265 - Same; reimbursement for certain expenses.
48-266 - Same; pay and allowance; limitations.
48-267 - Same; compensation; monthly benefit; computation.
48-268 - Same; investigation; hearing; presumptions; interpretation of law or evidence.
48-269 - Same; death benefits; computation; beneficiaries.
48-270 - Same; benefits hereunder in lieu of benefits payable under Kansas public employees retirement system; notice.
48-271 - Same; legal nature of benefits.
48-272 - Military fees fund; federal reimbursements; rules and regulations.
48-273 - Armories and units general fees fund; revenues; rules and regulations.
48-274 - Orders of adjutant general not subject to Kansas administrative procedure act.
48-280 - Exchange of certain property in Saline county.
48-281 - National guard life insurance premium reimbursements; fund; limitation when other death benefits payable.
48-282 - Death benefit for death of certain national guard members occurring in combat zone; beneficiaries; rules and regulations.
48-283 - Death gratuity benefit; military service members; beneficiaries; adjutant general; adjutant general death gratuity payment facilitation fund.
48-291 - Health insurance of insured activated for military service; definitions.
48-292 - Same; reinstatement rights; notice by insurance company.
48-293 - Same; application; limitations.
48-294 - Same; reinstatement, limitation on.
48-295 - Same; effect of reinstatement.
48-296 - Same; limitation on cancellation or nonrenewal.
48-297 - Same; rules and regulations.