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2016 Statute


19-3802.Petition by landowners for incorporation; contents of petition; notice and hearing; land excluded. The owners of 100 or more contiguous acres of land located outside the limits of an incorporated city in any county and which lands are accessible to railroad or highway transportation facilities and are by character and location suitable for industrial development of establishment or an industrial community for manufacturing, warehousing or distribution of the products of agriculture or industry and which lands are then exclusively offered for sale to industry or are exclusively used or proposed to be used for industrial purposes, may address a petition in writing to the board of county commissioners of the county in which such lands are located requesting that such land be incorporated under a designated name of an industrial district as a corporation. The petition shall contain the following:

(1) A description of the territory proposed to be included in such industrial district by sections or subdivisions of sections according to the government survey, or by metes and bounds;

(2) a statement that all of the privately owned land will be exclusively used for industrial establishments and special facilities to serve industry in an industrial community for the location of plants, factories or warehouses to manufacture, warehouse or distribute the products of agriculture or industry, and that no residential use is presently being made of the land and none will be made thereof as long as the industrial district is in existence and the land is included in it;

(3) a designation of five persons who own land within the proposed industrial district or who are officers or stockholders of a corporation which owns land in such proposed industrial district and who are actual residents of the county or counties in which the lands are located to serve on the board of directors of the district for the first term after the incorporation of the district, the term to end on the second Tuesday of March next thereafter;

(4) a prayer that all lands described in the petition be incorporated under a designated name of an industrial district as a corporation.

Upon the filing of such petition the board of county commissioners shall fix forthwith a time and place for the hearing of such petition and cause the county clerk to give notice thereof by one publication in some newspaper published and of general circulation in the county at least 15 days before the day fixed for the hearing.

No land owned by the federal or state government or by any county, township or municipal government, or used for public purposes, shall be included in such industrial district, except with the consent of the particular governmental unit owning such land. The term "contiguous acres of land," as used in this section, shall include land separated only by streets, alleys, roadways, railroad rights of way, or easements.

History: L. 1957, ch. 196, § 2; L. 1971, ch. 99, § 1; L. 1981, ch. 127, § 2; April 16.