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2016 Statute

Section Number

19-3801 - Incorporation or enlargement; petition; limitation.
19-3801a - Inclusion of land located in another benefit district.
19-3802 - Petition by landowners for incorporation; contents of petition; notice and hearing; land excluded.
19-3803 - Conduct of hearing; incorporation, when; corporate name; first board of directors.
19-3804 - Records of organization; filing.
19-3805 - Enlargement of district; petition; notice and hearing; filing order.
19-3806 - Dissolution on petition of county attorney, when; notice and hearing.
19-3807 - Dissolution upon petition of owners of three-fourths of land in district; notice and hearing; filing orders; records to county clerk; tax levy, when.
19-3808 - Powers of industrial districts; limitations.
19-3809 - Construction of facilities; powers of directors.
19-3810 - Board of directors; powers; qualifications; meetings; officers; rules and bylaws; seal; contracts; records, public; bond of treasurer; quarterly statements; duties of county treasurer.
19-3811 - Same; regular and special meetings, quorum; majority vote; vacancies.
19-3812 - Same; rules and regulations, publication.
19-3813 - Same; compensation of directors; term of office.
19-3814 - Same; election of directors; notice; conduct of election; persons entitled to vote; declaration, certification and filing of election results.
19-3815 - Same; powers and duties of board; surveys, plans and estimates; engineer's report.
19-3815a - Same; general obligation bonds; resolution; publication; action affecting validity of bonds, limitation.
19-3815b - Same; revenue bonds, when; resolution; revenue fund, use; surplus; application of certain statutes.
19-3816 - Statement before action against district; time for settlement.
19-3817 - Industrial districts not within school district, when; exceptions; tax levies for schools; rates; distribution of tax moneys; computation of taxes; bond and interest levies; distribution of moneys.
19-3818 - Act not to impair powers of other political subdivisions; annexation by cities; contracts.
19-3819 - Invalidity of part.
19-3820 - Territory of industrial district included in unified school district, when; bond and interest levies for bonds authorized before creation of industrial district; collection and disposition of moneys.
19-3821 - Industrial districts heretofore organized may elect to become subject to the provisions of this act; petition; hearing; records; limitation on bond issuance.