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June 16, 2024
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2021 Statute

Section Number

72-5129 - State school fund and annual state school fund abolished; moneys credited to state general fund.
72-5130 - Mineral production education fund.
72-5131 - Kansas school equity and enhancement act; citation of act.
72-5132 - Same; definitions.
72-5133 - Same; state school district finance fund.
72-5134 - Same; determination of state foundation aid.
72-5135 - Same; distribution of state foundation aid.
72-5136 - Same; overpayments; underpayments.
72-5137 - Same; certification of enrollment and budget.
72-5138 - Same; enrollment adjustments due to decreases resulting from disasters.
72-5139 - Same; enrollment adjustment for military students.
72-5140 - Same; revisions due to new school districts or boundary changes.
72-5141 - Same; school district formed by consolidation or disorganization, determination of total foundation aid.
72-5142 - Same; ad valorem tax levy required; purposes; rate; disposition of proceeds.
72-5143 - Same; local option budget; authority to adopt; limitations; supplemental general fund.
72-5144 - Same; alternative calculation of local option budget.
72-5145 - Same; determination of supplemental state aid; distribution.
72-5146 - Same; determination of supplemental state aid for school districts formed by consolidation or attachment of territory.
72-5147 - Same; ad valorem tax levy authorized for local option budget; disposition of proceeds.
72-5148 - Same; transportation weighting.
72-5149 - Same; low enrollment weighting; high enrollment weighting.
72-5150 - Same; bilingual weighting.
72-5151 - Same; at-risk student weighting; high-density at-risk student weighting; expenditure limitations; purpose.
72-5152 - Same; adjustment of at-risk student enrollment.
72-5153 - Same; at-risk education fund; allowable expenditures; identification of best practices; provisional at-risk programs; reports to the state board.
72-5153a - Same; students identified as at-risk; additional educational opportunities; criteria for eligibility.
72-5154 - Same; preschool-aged at-risk education fund; use; reports to the state board.
72-5155 - Same; career technical education weighting.
72-5156 - Same; school facilities weighting; limitations.
72-5157 - Same; special education and related services weighting.
72-5158 - Same; ancillary school facilities weighting; ad valorem tax levy authorized; limitations; disposition of proceeds.
72-5159 - Same; cost-of-living weighting; ad valorem tax levy authorized; limitations; protest petition; disposition of proceeds.
72-5160 - Same; declining enrollment weighting; ad valorem tax levy authorized; limitations; dispositions of proceeds.
72-5161 - Same; weightings not assigned to students enrolled in KAMS; computation of local option budget.
72-5162 - Same; career and postsecondary education fund; use.
72-5163 - Same; driver training fund; use.
72-5164 - Same; food service fund; use.
72-5165 - Same; contingency reserve fund; use.
72-5166 - Same; disposition of revenue.
72-5167 - Same; transfers from general fund; limitations.
72-5168 - Same; expenditures not considered operating expenditures.
72-5169 - Same; operating expenditures in excess of general fund budget.
72-5170 - Same; school district accreditation system, accountability plan; curriculum standards; statewide assessments; school site councils.
72-5171 - Same; school district financial accountability reports; contents.
72-5172 - Same; review of act by legislature and certain committees; required reviews.
72-5173 - Same; performance audits.
72-5174 - Same; rules and regulations.
72-5175 - Same; nonseverability.
72-5176 - Same; expiration.
72-5177 - Extraordinary declining enrollment state aid; application; approval of amount; school district extraordinary declining enrollment fund.
72-5178 - School and school district accountability reports; longitudinal achievement reports; contents.
72-5179 - ACT college entrance exams and workkeys assessments; payment of fees and costs; publication of exam information; report.
72-5180 - Remote learning; limitations; state foundation aid adjustment for remote learners.
72-5191 - Sixty-five percent of moneys to be spent on instruction.
72-5192 - Appropriations for general and supplemental general state aid; priority in legislative budgeting process.
72-5193 - Provision of public school financing system; financing resources and methods.
72-5194 - Required local option budget; consideration in determining adequacy of total school funding.
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