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June 22, 2024
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2021 Statute

Section Number

12-1608 - Quarterly report by treasurer.
12-1609 - Same; penalty.
12-1610a - Kansas Government Journal subscriptions.
12-1610b - Same; compilation of information.
12-1610c - League of Kansas municipalities; annual dues, expenses of attending meetings.
12-1610d - Same; subscriptions.
12-1610e - Same; membership in, when; instrumentality; powers; act supplemental.
12-1610f - Same; city delegates; powers and duties.
12-1610g - Same; powers exercised through instrumentality; limitation on liability; custody of files upon termination.
12-1613 - Property of dormant cities.
12-1614 - Same; election of officers; delivery of property to mayor.
12-1615 - Donations of property for hospital purposes; board of trustees, membership, terms of office, vacancies; administrator contracts; pension and deferred compensation plans for employees; contracts insuring employees and dependents; expenditure of funds for recruitment or retention of professional staff.
12-1616a - Construction and operation of dams across streams or rivers by cities; maintenance and police regulation.
12-1616b - Same; approval of plans by chief engineer before bonds issued.
12-1616c - Dams across streams or rivers; issuance of general obligation bonds; approval of electors required, when; resolution, protest petition; bonds not within debt limitation.
12-1617 - Farm and aquaculture products; peddler's license or permit; fee.
12-1617a - Delegates to firemen's association and school.
12-1617c - Dissolution of certain inoperative sewer districts located wholly within cities.
12-1617d - Dissolution of certain inoperative cemetery districts located wholly within cities.
12-1617e - Abatement of nuisances; notice; assessment and collection of costs; procedure; disposition of motor vehicles.
12-1617f - Weeds, removal or destruction; assessment and collection of costs; notice; procedure.
12-1617g - Ordinances on nuisances.
12-1617h - Securing industries in or near cities; tax levy, use of proceeds; election required; resubmission, when; use of general fund or other revenue sources.
12-1617i - Same; fund.
12-1633 - Railways and street railways; crossings; construction of viaducts or tunnels; regulation of speed; appraisement and payment of damages; liens; actions; penalties.
12-1634 - Same; cities in counties over 90,000; regulation of speed; bond issue.
12-1651 - Official newspaper in cities of second and third classes; qualifications.
12-1654 - Oil and gas leases; moneys to general fund.
12-1655 - Same; validation of prior leases.
12-1658 - Historical collections; housing and display.
12-1659 - Same; supervisor or curator; compensation.
12-1660 - Same; historical society as supervisor or curator, when; compensation.
12-1661 - Same; tax levy, use of proceeds.
12-1662 - Federal aid to public agencies; definitions.
12-1663 - Expenditures of federal aid by public agencies; expenditures of grants, gifts and other income by school districts; budget requirements, exceptions.
12-1664 - Same; issuance of temporary notes or no-fund warrants to finance portion of program to be paid by federal aid, when; election requirements; written commitment as to federal aid; temporary financing of federal share from current funds; purpose of act; bonded debt limitations; approval of state board.
12-1665 - Same; temporary notes; refunding notes; sale or exchange.
12-1666 - Same; no-fund warrants; authorization for issuance; interest; conditions; form; issuance and sale; redemption; notice.
12-1667 - Same; tax levies; outside aggregate limits.
12-1668 - Same; act not exclusive.
12-1669 - Submission of budgets to county commissioners by certain taxing districts in urban area counties.
12-1670 - Same; approval or disapproval; resubmission, when.
12-1671 - Certain investments; exception to cash-basis law.
12-1672 - Certain investments; exception to budget law.
12-1672a - Public agencies authorized to offer rewards for information related to criminal acts; definitions.
12-1673 - Work performed by city upon failure to perform duties imposed by law or ordinance; costs, how collected; limitation on actions.
12-1674 - Same; special services fund; use; no-fund warrants.
12-1674a - Service fees and charges; certain cities prohibited from imposing upon persons not receiving service.
12-1675 - Investment of public moneys by governmental subdivisions, units and entities; conditions and limitations; reciprocal deposit programs.
12-1675a - Definitions.
12-1676 - Inapplicability of act to certain moneys; rates.
12-1676a - Weekly advisory memorandum as to rates of interest to county treasurers.
12-1677 - Investment of public moneys by governmental entities, units and subdivisions; use of income; records; quarterly report.
12-1677a - Municipal investment pool fund; investments; requirements; rules and regulations.
12-1677b - Direct investments by cities, counties and school districts, when; requirements; forfeiture of investment rights, when.
12-1677d - Municipally established foundations; investment of funds.
12-1677f - Investment of public funds by governmental entities; reinvestment of matured funds.
12-1678a - Investment of undistributed taxes by county commissioners; distribution of taxes; distribution of interest, when.
12-1679 - Merchant or security police; fingerprints required; municipal license or permit prohibited if vehicles not registered in Kansas.
12-1680 - City and county service for programs for the elderly; tax levy, use of proceeds; petition or resolution and election; territory served by city program excluded from county program, when.
12-1680a - Acquisition of computerized police and fire vehicle locating equipment; general obligation bonds.
12-1680b - Same; resolution; publication; petition.
12-1680c - Same; special election upon protest.
12-1681 - Community historical museums authorized; property and employees.
12-1682 - Establishment of operation independently or in cooperation; limitation; delegation of operation to board.
12-1683 - Conduct of activities of museums; acceptance of gifts.
12-1684 - Petition for establishment; election; tax levies.
12-1685 - Same; filing of petition; joint meeting; notice of receipt and meeting.
12-1686 - Same; resolution or ordinance for establishment and operation of museums after approval by electors.
12-1687 - Membership of museum commissions; terms; officers; powers.
12-1688 - Community historical museums; tax levies; increases, election.
12-1689 - Same; definitions.
12-1690 - Same; supervisor and curator; appointment and compensation; duties.
12-1691 - Same; acceptance of gifts and articles of historical value.
12-1692 - Promotion of tourism and conventions; definitions.
12-1693 - Same; tax levy by city or county; basis of tax; payment and collection; requirements prior to levy; election; reduction or increase in rate.
12-1694 - Same; collection, payment and disposition of transient guest tax; administration by secretary of revenue; rules and regulations; monthly reports.
12-1694a - Same; establishment of transient guest tax refund fund; maintenance by secretary of revenue.
12-1694b - Same; interest and penalties for failure to pay or untimely payment of transient guest tax.
12-1695 - Convention and tourism committee; appointment; terms; contracts for programs.
12-1696 - Promotion of tourism and conventions; definitions.
12-1697 - Same; tax levy by city or county; basis of tax; payment and collection; requirements prior to levy.
12-1698 - Same; collection, payment and disposition of transient guest tax; administration by secretary of revenue; rules and regulations; monthly reports.
12-1698a - Same; interest and penalties for failure to pay or untimely payment of transient guest tax.
12-1699 - Same; levy of tax prohibited, when.
12-16,100 - Same; transient guest tax refund fund.
12-16,101 - Convention and tourism committee; appointment; terms; contracts and programs.
12-16,102 - Employee benefits contribution fund in certain taxing subdivisions; tax levy; use of proceeds; use of trust fund to hold and invest postemployment benefits funds, management of trust fund.
12-16,103 - Acquisition of fee title to realty; sale of realty; record.
12-16,104 - Release of easement; notice; fee.
12-16,105 - Use of property no longer needed for school building in McPherson, Kansas.
12-16,106 - Human relations commission; enforcement and review of orders.
12-16,107 - Same; enforcement of subpoenas.
12-16,108 - State grants or loans to municipalities; definitions.
12-16,109 - Same; authority to borrow money for temporary financing of service or improvement.
12-16,110 - Same; general obligation of municipality; excluded from debt limit.
12-16,111 - Same; not subject to budget limitations.
12-16,112 - Same; amount of bonds, if issued.
12-16,113 - Accounting required of expenditures of transient guest tax moneys.
12-16,114 - Housing trust funds; purpose; funding of; administration.
12-16,115 - Imitation firearms; civil penalty for sale, manufacture or distribution.
12-16,116 - Transfer of title to public streets, avenues, alleys or lanes; cities in Crawford county.
12-16,117 - Municipal policies regarding the provision of assistance during times of disaster; immunity from liability.
12-16,118 - Transfer of certain money and royalty interest to city of Oxford; procedure.
12-16,119 - Booking or processing fee; disbursement; fee limitation.
12-16,120 - Prohibiting rent control or control of real estate purchase price by political subdivisions; exceptions.
12-16,121 - Paving materials provided by cities and counties; limitations.
12-16,122 - Paving materials; mining and manufacturing for use by cities and counties; limitations.
12-16,123 - Cities and counties prohibited from requiring lists of tenants; exceptions.
12-16,124 - Firearms and ammunition; regulation by city or county, limitations.
12-16,124a - Same; limitation on liability of municipality.
12-16,124b - Same; prohibiting use of tax proceeds for firearms buyback programs.
12-16,125 - Acceptance by city of debit or credit card for payment of taxes, utility fees or other exactions.
12-16,126 - Kansas emergency communications preservation act.
12-16,128 - Mayoral appointments; governing body approval; time limits; other requirements.
12-16,129 - Accident response service fee prohibited.
12-16,130 - Cities; counties; prohibition on requiring employers to provide certain wage levels or paid benefits or to alter or adjust employee scheduling.
12-16,131 - Cities; counties; prohibition on enacting or administering certain ordinances and resolutions.
12-16,132 - Cities; certain ordinances void as against public policy.
12-16,133 - Definitions.
12-16,134 - Knives and knife making components; regulation by municipality, limitations.
12-16,135 - Severability.
12-16,136 - Regulating consumer incentive items and nutrition labeling of food; definitions.
12-16,137 - Same; prohibitions; exceptions.
12-16,138 - Cities; counties; prohibiting periodic interior inspections of residential property; exceptions.
12-16,219 - Cities, counties; prohibition on fire sprinkler requirements in certain residential dwellings.
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