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June 13, 2024
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2021 Statute

Section Number

12-601 - Cost of street improvements assessed against abutting owners.
12-602 - Resolution, protest, contract, levy and assessment for improvements.
12-603 - Intervening street connections.
12-604 - State or federal lands.
12-605 - Grading districts; block assessments.
12-606 - Assessments against unplatted or partially platted lands; extent of benefit district.
12-607 - Alleys; connecting alleys.
12-608 - Levy of special assessments; hearing of complaints; ordinance; payment of bonds; limitation on action to set aside assessments.
12-609 - Guaranty by contractor for maintenance and repair.
12-610 - Application and scope of preceding sections.
12-612 - Improvements by railway companies; liens; assessments.
12-612a - Improvement of railroad right-of-ways leased to city for street purposes; bonds; protest petitions; election.
12-614 - Resurfacing and repair of paved streets; bonds; protest petition; election.
12-615 - Resurfacing and repair of paved streets; bonds; tax levy.
12-616 - Same; construction.
12-617 - Taxing districts in cities under 80,000; ordinance.
12-618 - Taxing districts in cities under 80,000; systems; assessments or bonds; alteration of boundaries; reassessment of costs and expenses; time for suit or injunction.
12-619 - Cost of main sewers, how determined; ordinance; lands not subject to assessment.
12-620 - Same; sewers in highways or across vacant lots.
12-621 - Same; sewage disposal works; costs and expenses; general obligation bonds, when; limitations; election upon petition.
12-622 - Same; sewers and drains outside city; eminent domain.
12-623 - Same; acquisition of land.
12-624 - Cost of main sewers, how determined; costs, how borne; bonds, limitation.
12-626 - Construction of pumping stations.
12-627 - Same; approval of plans.
12-628 - Same; costs; bonds.
12-629 - Same; bond limitations inapplicable.
12-630a - Bonds for sewage treatment and disposal works; election; service charges; tax levy.
12-631 - Ordinance requiring certain property owners to make sewer connections; costs; no-fund warrants, when; tax levies.
12-631a - Alteration, repair, reconstruction or construction of sewer and payment thereof.
12-631b - Acquisition of certain sewers or sewage facilities; ordinance.
12-631c - Same; service charges; ordinance for management and operation; contracts; sale or disposal; tax revenue not to be used.
12-631d - Same; bonds or warrants, when; lien upon facilities.
12-631e - Certain cities may alter, repair, construct or reconstruct sewers; payment by city at large; bonds.
12-631f - Same; payment of outstanding notes.
12-631g - Sewage service charges by cities and township districts; exceptions.
12-631i - Same; sewage disposal system defined; use of revenue.
12-631j - Same; rules and regulations.
12-631l - Same; disposition of revenues; reduction of tax levy.
12-631m - Sewerage service charges; county, sewer district, improvement district or public agencies; establishment, collection and use of proceeds.
12-631n - Municipal sewerage systems; definitions.
12-631o - Same; reserve funds; payment or transfer of certain moneys to fund.
12-631p - Same; use of moneys credited to reserve funds; exempt from budget law; retransfer of certain funds authorized.
12-631q - Counties and cities may unite in construction of outlets for drainage of storm water; eminent domain; bonds.
12-631r - Storm sewers; construction of improvements outside boundaries of municipality.
12-631s - Same; determination of necessity.
12-631t - Construction and costs of sewage disposal works; bonds.
12-631u - Same; within or without the city.
12-631v - Same; condemn or purchase lands; consent.
12-631w - Sewage disposal works; cost paid by city; bonds.
12-631x - Construction and costs of sewage disposal works; payment of bonds; tax levy, use of proceeds.
12-631y - Delay of assessment of cost by sewer districts; procedure; payment of interest during delay period; notice; hearing.
12-635 - Authorization of improvements within or without city limits; eminent domain; federal cooperation; agreements with watershed or drainage districts.
12-636 - Same; resolution; engineer's estimate and report.
12-637 - Same; review of engineer's report by chief engineer; approval or disapproval.
12-638 - Same; eminent domain proceedings; advertising for bids.
12-640 - Same; objection to appraiser's report; notice and hearing.
12-641 - Same; hearing on report.
12-642 - Same; time for objections to report.
12-643 - Same; appeal to district court; bond; transcript, filing.
12-644 - Overflow of natural watercourses; bonds of city.
12-645 - Same; appraisers; special benefit assessments; general tax levy, when.
12-646 - Same; bond limitations inapplicable, when.
12-646a - Flood control works; maintenance and operation; tax levy, use of proceeds.
12-646b - City of Halstead authorized to establish a flood control improvements fund.
12-667 - Levy of assessments in installments.
12-671 - Land for streets and alleys; bond issue; tax levy.
12-672 - Docks, wharves, and river terminals.
12-673 - Same; bonds, terms.
12-681 - Certain street and alley improvement in second-class cities and first-class cities under 50,000; resolution; bonds; limitations.
12-682 - Same; election; notice.
12-685 - Designation of main trafficways.
12-686 - Same; designating trafficway connections with main trafficways; right-of-way.
12-687 - Same; improving trafficways and connections.
12-689 - Same; costs; how paid.
12-690 - Same; supplemental.
12-691 - Certain county and city agreements with federal agencies on recreational facilities along rivers.
12-692 - Acquisition of land to open, widen or extend street or to construct or improve storm sewer or drain; special assessments; exemption of certain property.
12-693 - Improvements by cities within unincorporated territory within three miles of corporate limits; financing and payment of cost of improvement; agreement with county to establish improvement district for road and street improvements.
12-694 - Water course improvements; eminent domain; police jurisdiction.
12-695 - Same; bond limitations inapplicable.
12-6,102 - City-county storm drainage system; resolution; method of assessment.
12-6,103 - Same; preparation of assessment roll; public inspection.
12-6,104 - Same; publication of joint resolution; mailing of assessment notices; protest petition and election; qualified elector defined.
12-6,105 - Limitation on actions to set aside special assessments under civil rights statute.
12-6,110 - Public improvements, costs; installment payments; delay in payment of assessments; bonds.
12-6,111 - Same; delay in payment of special assessments; financial analysis; extension; payments due, when.
12-6,112 - Same; ordinance requirements; notation of "payment delayed"; collection of assessments.
12-6,113 - Same; undeveloped areas defined.
12-6,114 - Same; principal and interest payments during delayed period; revenues from public improvement charges; assessment of costs incurred by city.
12-6,121 - Acquisition by city of sewerage system created by county; procedure; financing of costs.
12-6,122 - Public improvements; notice requirements when election is to be called.
12-6,123 - Disclosure by seller; acknowledgment.
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