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June 22, 2024
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2021 Statute

Section Number

12-101 - Corporate powers; home rule of local affairs and government.
12-101a - Authority to levy tax for general fund.
12-102 - Name.
12-103 - How powers exercised.
12-104 - "Governing body" defined.
12-104a - Cities, consolidated cities and counties; procedure for filling prolonged vacancies.
12-104b - City governing body members; volunteer activities.
12-105a - Uniform procedure for payment of claims and other indebtedness by municipalities; definitions.
12-105b - Uniform procedure for payment of claims; presentment of claims; claims which could give rise to action under Kansas tort claims act; notice, contents, limitation on commencement of action; payments in advance of approval; auditing; approval.
12-110a - Purchase, repair or replacement of certain equipment, apparatus or machinery; no-fund warrants or bonds; procedure; limitations.
12-110b - Special fund for law enforcement and purchase of ambulance and firefighting equipment; tax levies, use of proceeds; protest petition and election; investment of fund.
12-110c - Purchase of fire-fighting equipment; issuance of general obligation bonds; procedure; limitations.
12-110d - Special fund for replacement of ambulance or emergency medical service equipment; transfer, use and budgeting of funds; municipality defined.
12-111 - Fire fighting beyond territorial limits of city or township; privileges and immunities.
12-111a - Exemption of certain annuities, pensions and benefits of policemen and firemen from taxes and civil liability; exception, qualified domestic relations order.
12-111b - Application of 12-111a, 13-14a10, 14-10a10 and 74-4978g.
12-120 - Destruction of certain records.
12-121 - Same; application of act.
12-122 - Reproduction of records on film.
12-123 - Same; evidence in courts or administrative agencies.
12-137 - Limitations and procedures for exercise of constitutional home rule power of taxation or other revenue measures; ordinance; notice; referendum.
12-138 - Same; election procedure; notice of election.
12-138a - Initiative election on levying tax or other revenue measure.
12-138b - Continuation in effect of tax or other revenue measures.
12-138c - Taxes levied under home rule; prohibition under certain circumstances.
12-140 - Cities prohibited from levying taxes on income; exception.
12-142 - Cities prohibited from imposing sales or excise taxes on sales of cigarettes or cereal malt beverages or products; exception.
12-143 - City vehicle tax authorized; tax situs; amount of tax.
12-144 - Same; approval by election required.
12-145 - Same; exemptions.
12-146 - Same; use of tax proceeds.
12-147 - Tax subdivisions authorized to enter into agreements with owners of tax exempt property for payments in lieu of taxes.
12-148 - Same; contract provisions; apportionment of revenues.
12-149 - Same; budgeting of revenues.
12-150 - Agreements with county commissioners for auditing of books and records of certain political subdivisions and quasi-municipal corporations.
12-151 - Property of city exempt from levy, execution and sale; judgments not lien on property.
12-152 - Contracts for electric lighting of streets, hospitals and other public health facilities and for furnishing electric power to hospitals and other public health facilities.
12-153 - Filing with register of deeds any ordinance or resolution creating certain special districts; duties of register of deeds.
12-154 - Election to change name of city; resolution or petition therefor; similarity to name of another city, certificate of secretary of state.
12-155 - Same; certification of resolution or petition; submission of proposition by county election officer.
12-156 - Same; form of proposition; notice; expenses.
12-157 - Same; canvass; approval of proposition, effect.
12-158 - Election supplemental and alternative to other procedures.
12-171 - Petty cash funds; establishment, records and reports; restoration of moneys in fund; use; bond of responsible employees.
12-183 - Hospitals; maintenance and improvement; tax levies, use of proceeds.
12-184 - Adoption or abandonment of forms of city government; submission to electors, how; petition; notice of election.
12-184a - Form of government continued.
12-184b - Forms of governments; adoption; abandonment procedures; governing body; terms of office; other.
12-185 - Cities between 100,000 and 160,000 and agencies thereof operating residential property outside city; payment in lieu of taxes to school district.
12-186 - Same; use of moneys by school district.
12-187 - Countywide and city retailers' sales taxes; procedure for imposition; election required; rate; use of revenue; validation of certain elections; continuation in effect of certain taxes; authority for imposition; statement of purpose.
12-187a - Same; power conferred to impose tax outside of boundaries.
12-189 - Same; rates, general and special purposes, exceptions for certain counties; administration and collection by state; refunds; remittance to cities and counties; monthly reports; confidentiality requirements.
12-189a - Same; certain sales exempt from state sales tax subject to local tax.
12-189d - Sales of bingo cards, faces and instant bingo tickets; exempt.
12-191 - Same; situs of taxable transactions; rules and regulations; effective date for collection of taxes; revenue in excess of budget, disposition.
12-192 - Same; apportionment of revenue from countywide retailers' sales tax between county and cities located therein, exceptions; notification of state sales tax collected in county for preceding year; county clerks to provide secretary information necessary for apportionment.
12-194 - Same; city and county excise taxes prohibited, exceptions; rate increase for certain development excise taxes, election required.
12-195 - Same; use of proceeds for payment of bonds prohibited; exceptions.
12-195a - Same; allotment of county proceeds to townships.
12-195b - Same; pledge of proceeds for payment of bonds; conditions.
12-196 - Same; transfer of revenue to road and bridge fund.
12-197 - Same; pledging of revenue received; procedure.
12-198 - Imposition of city and county and Washburn university compensating use tax upon tangible personal property, vehicles and vessels; rate; continued exemption for provision of certain tangible personal property exempt from taxation prior to July 1, 2003; administration and collection by state; disposition and apportionment of moneys received.
12-199 - Imposition of city and county compensating use tax upon certain motor vehicles; rate; administration, collections and distribution.
12-1,101 - Tax upon gross earnings derived from money, notes and other evidence of debt; imposition by counties, cities and townships, procedure; rate of tax; petition for elimination of tax; petition to impose tax.
12-1,102 - Same; definitions.
12-1,103a - Same; tax situs.
12-1,104 - Local option intangibles tax; filing of returns, procedure and forms; persons required to file and pay tax.
12-1,105 - Same; penalty for refusal or failure to file return.
12-1,106 - Same; time of payment; collection.
12-1,107 - Same; disposition of tax receipts.
12-1,108 - Same; inspection of returns; unlawful acts, penalty.
12-1,109 - Same; exemptions.
12-1,110 - Same; rules and regulations.
12-1,115 - Collection of certain unpaid special assessments; action in district court for debt.
12-1,117 - Municipal equipment reserve fund; purpose; investment and transfer of moneys in fund.
12-1,118 - Multi-year capital improvement fund; purpose; investment and transfer of moneys in fund.
12-1,119 - Consolidated street and highway fund; transfer of moneys; use of moneys.
12-1,120 - Fingerprinting of chief of police; fingerprints forwarded to K.B.I. for background investigation; cost.
12-1,121 - Publication of notices, advertisements or other publications; failure to publish in strict compliance with law; validity.
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