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June 14, 2024
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2021 Statute

Section Number

8-222 - Liability of owner for damages caused by negligence of minors under age of sixteen.
8-234a - Definitions.
8-234b - Classes of drivers' licenses; applications for original licenses; examinations; rules and regulations.
8-234d - Motor vehicle drivers' license act; scope and effect of certain sections.
8-235 - Licenses required; city license, when; appeal from denial of license; penalty; motorized bicycle driver's license.
8-235b - Findings of department upon receipt of application; issuance of license, when.
8-235c - Findings of division; when examination required; exception.
8-235d - Applications for licenses other than renewals; examinations; locations; issuance of license; requirements for applicant under age of eighteen years.
8-235e - Application for driver's license, instructional permit or nondriver's identification card constitutes consent to selective service registration.
8-236 - Persons exempt from license.
8-237 - Persons to whom license not issued.
8-238 - Operators of school buses; operators of vehicles transporting persons or certain property for compensation; age restrictions.
8-239 - Instruction permits for persons 17 years of age and older; conditions and requirements.
8-240 - Drivers' licenses and instruction permits; application for; requirements; examination tests; reexamination; drivers' records; fees; late application penalties; electronic online renewal.
8-241 - Licensee must submit to examination, when; examination and reinstatement fees; disposition of moneys; notice; restriction, suspension or revocation of license, when; license with DUI-IID designation, requirements, fees.
8-243 - Issuance of licenses; contents; signature; photograph, exception; fee; anatomical gift; distinguishable license for deaf and hard of hearing; distinguishable number for registered offenders; veterans; persons needing assistance with cognition.
8-244 - Licenses to be carried and delivered upon demand; defense.
8-245 - Restrictions on licensees; suspension or revocation; misdemeanor.
8-246 - Replacement drivers' licenses.
8-247 - Expiration of licenses; annual renewal for registered offenders; notice; renewal of license; reexamination; additional examinations; seizure disorders; extension of license when out-of-state; anatomical gift; state organ and tissue registry.
8-248 - Notice of change of address or name.
8-249 - Records to be kept by division; rules and regulations.
8-250 - Authority of division to cancel license; surrender of license.
8-251 - Suspending or revoking privileges of nonresidents; reporting convictions and bond or collateral forfeitures.
8-252 - Suspension or revocation of resident's license upon conviction in another state; period of suspension or revocation; return of license after suspension; granting new license after revocation; exceptions.
8-252a - Suspension or revocation of driving privileges of nonresident or unlicensed person.
8-253 - Duty of court to require surrender of license upon revocation; report of convictions and adjudications; records; forms; notice of disposition of appeals.
8-254 - Mandatory revocation of driver's license by division of vehicles; exceptions for court imposed restrictions.
8-255 - Restriction, suspension or revocation of driving privileges by division of vehicles; grounds; procedure for restriction, suspension or revocation; driver improvement clinics; reinstatement fee.
8-255b - Medical advisory board; appointment; procedure; advisory opinions; limiting tort liability.
8-255c - No duty to report information to division or medical advisory board; nonliability for reports of information; information to be kept confidential.
8-256 - Period of suspension or revocation.
8-256a - Application of act to certain persons.
8-257 - Surrender of license; division authorized to destroy; application.
8-258 - No operation under foreign license during suspension or revocation in this state.
8-259 - Cancellation, suspension, revocation or denial of license by division; judicial review.
8-260 - Unlawful use of driver's license or nondriver's identification card; other unlawful acts relating thereto.
8-261a - Making false affidavit perjury.
8-262 - Driving while license canceled, suspended or revoked; penalty; extension of time of suspension or revocation; ignition interlock device restriction.
8-263 - Permitting unauthorized minor to drive.
8-264 - Permitting unauthorized person to drive.
8-265 - Employing persons to operate vehicle; proper class of license required.
8-266 - Renting motor vehicle to another; record.
8-266b - Drivers' manual.
8-267 - Disposition and use of moneys; state safety fund, motorcycle safety fund, truck driver training fund, photo fee fund, hazmat fee fund, state highway fund, division of vehicles operating fund and correctional services special revenue fund.
8-268 - Penalties for violations.
8-268a - Invalidity of part.
8-269 - Uniformity of interpretation.
8-270 - Effect of noncompliance.
8-271 - Title of act.
8-272 - State safety fund, motorcycle safety fund and truck driver training fund; entitlements; certification of amounts; distribution; proration of insufficient appropriations; motorcycle safety courses and instructors; vocational education school, truck driver training.
8-273 - Drivers' training school license act; definitions.
8-274 - Same; license to operate.
8-275 - Same; qualifications to operate school.
8-276 - Drivers' training schools; qualifications for instructor of school.
8-277 - Same; issuance of certificate, when; expiration; renewal of licenses.
8-278 - Same; rules and regulations by state board.
8-279 - Same; cancellation, suspension, revocation or refusal to issue license, when.
8-280 - Same; disposition of moneys.
8-281 - Same; penalty for violations.
8-282 - Same; act inapplicable to certain schools.
8-283 - Same; citation of act.
8-284 - Public policy of state.
8-285 - "Habitual violator" defined; other definitions.
8-286 - Habitual violator; revocation of driving privileges.
8-287 - Habitual violator; penalty.
8-288 - Same; restriction of driver's license; exception.
8-291 - Violation of restrictions on driver's license or permit; misdemeanor; penalties.
8-292 - Court imposition of driving privilege restrictions; duration; procedure; violation; penalty.
8-293 - Driver's license; nonissuance of new or replacement license; exception.
8-294 - Instruction permit for commercial class motor vehicles or class A or class B motor vehicles.
8-295 - Vision standards for drivers' licenses.
8-296 - Farm permit; requirements; procedure.
8-297 - Continuation of driving privileges for certain drivers' licenses.
8-298 - Voluntary surrender of driver's license.
8-299 - Photo fee fund; expenditures.
8-2,100 - Instruction permits; conditions, restrictions and requirements; under 17 years of age.
8-2,101 - Restricted license; conditions, restrictions and requirements.
8-2,102 - Cody's law.
8-2,125 - Uniform commercial driver's license act; citation of act; effective date.
8-2,126 - Same; purpose of act.
8-2,127 - Uniform commercial driver's license act; vehicles exempt from act.
8-2,128 - Same; definitions.
8-2,129 - Same; one driver's license restriction.
8-2,130 - Same; driver must notify division and employer of traffic violations or suspensions, revocations or cancellations of driver's license; information required to be provided by driver to employer.
8-2,131 - Same; requirements which must be complied with by employer of commercial driver.
8-2,132 - Same; driver of commercial vehicle must have a commercial class driver's license to operate vehicle; violations; penalty.
8-2,133 - Same; issuance of license; knowledge and skills test; administration of skills test.
8-2,134 - Same; applying for commercial license; replacement license, when; requiring state license, when.
8-2,135 - Same; commercial driver's license, contents; endorsements or restrictions; expiration; renewal.
8-2,136 - Same; prohibiting driving with alcohol in person's system; out-of-service order.
8-2,137 - Same; tests for alcohol or drugs; consent implied.
8-2,138 - Same; notification of conviction of traffic control to licensing state.
8-2,139 - Same; division to provide information to certain persons; fee.
8-2,140 - Same; rules and regulations.
8-2,141 - Same; exemption from state license.
8-2,142 - Same; disqualification from driving commercial vehicle; suspension, revocation or cancellation of license; notification.
8-2,143 - Commercial driver's license; surrender of license issued by another state; hazardous materials endorsement.
8-2,144 - Driving a commercial motor vehicle under the influence; penalties.
8-2,145 - Tests for alcohol or drugs; notices; certification by officer; hearing; disqualification of driver.
8-2,146 - Seasonal commercial driver's license; conditions and limitations; definitions; rules and regulations.
8-2,147 - Commercial drivers' licenses; farm custom harvesting operations; age.
8-2,148 - Nonresident commercial driver's license; requirements.
8-2,149 - Commercial driver's licenses; school bus endorsement; waiver of driving skills test; requirements.
8-2,150 - Commercial driver's licenses; diversion agreements not allowed.
8-2,151 - Commercial driver's licenses; hazardous materials endorsement; requirements; hazmat fee fund.
8-2,152 - Commercial driver's licenses; civil penalties.
8-2,153 - Commercial driver's licenses; violation of act; penalty.
8-2,154 - Commercial driver's license drive test fee fund; use of moneys.
8-2,155 - Commercial driver's license drive test fees; disposition and use of moneys.
8-2,156 - Hazardous materials endorsement; exception.
8-2,157 - Commercial driver's licenses; training in human trafficking identification and prevention required; approval by attorney general; rules and regulations.
8-2,158 - Driver's license, instruction permit or non-driver's identification card emergency contact information; confidentiality; procedure.
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