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2019 Statute

Section Number

60-701 - Grounds for attachment.
60-702 - Attachments on demands not due.
60-703 - Attachments, how obtained.
60-704 - Form of affidavit, by whom made.
60-705 - Plaintiff's bond.
60-706 - Attachment order.
60-707 - Attached property retained or repossessed by defendant; bond.
60-709 - Compensation of officer.
60-710 - Sale of perishable property.
60-711 - Appointment of receiver.
60-712 - Dissolution of attachment; hearing.
60-713 - Settlement of conflicting claims.
60-719 - Effect of offsets claimed by garnishee.
60-721 - Judgment in garnishment proceedings.
60-722 - Bond of defendant for payment of judgment.
60-723 - Garnishment of earnings of public officers and employees; state property exempt from enforcement of judgments.
60-724 - Exceptions.
60-725 - Amendment of garnishee's answer form by clerks of certain courts; when.
60-727 - Garnishment proceedings; payments from inmate trust accounts; minimum amount.
60-729 - Order of garnishment; fee; authorized only by legislative enactment.
60-730 - When garnishment available before judgment.
60-731 - When garnishment available after judgment; order of garnishment shall designate whether to attach earnings or other property; no bond required after judgment.
60-732 - Order of garnishment; when garnishment is to attach intangible property other than earnings; effect; administrative fee.
60-733 - Garnishment of funds held by financial institution; administrative fee; order of garnishment requirements.
60-734 - Order of garnishment when garnishment is to attach earnings; service of process; length of and effect of order; administrative fee; accounting and record.
60-735 - Notice to judgment debtor; form and content; right to hearing; burden of proof.
60-736 - Answer of garnishee; attachment of intangible property other than earnings.
60-737 - Same; garnishment attaching earnings; contents.
60-738 - Same; reply; notification and hearing; burden of proof.
60-739 - Garnishee's payment to the judgment creditor; refund of overpayment; release of funds; nonliability of garnishee.
60-740 - Payment of earnings to judgment debtors and creditors.
60-741 - Failure to answer; motion; hearing; expenses and attorney fees.
60-742 - Garnishee's failure or refusal to pay or deliver property; motion; hearing; contempt; fine or order against garnishee.
60-743 - Forms used in garnishment proceedings.
60-744 - Act supplemental to civil code.