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2019 Statute


59-2963. Notice; contents. (a) Notice as required by subsection (a)(6) of K.S.A. 59-2960, and amendments thereto, shall be given to the proposed patient named in the petition, the proposed patient's legal guardian if there is one, the attorney appointed to represent the proposed patient, the proposed patient's spouse or nearest relative and to such other persons as the court directs. The notice shall also be given to the participating mental health center for the county where the proposed patient resides.

(b) The notice shall state:

(1) That a petition has been filed, alleging that the proposed patient is a mentally ill person subject to involuntary commitment for care and treatment under the act and requesting that the court order treatment;

(2) the date, time and place of the trial;

(3) the name of the attorney appointed to represent the proposed patient and the time and place where the proposed patient shall have the opportunity to consult with this attorney;

(4) that the proposed patient has a right to a jury trial if a written demand for such is filed with the court at least four days prior to the time set for trial; and

(5) that if the proposed patient demands a jury trial, the trial date may have to be continued by the court for a reasonable time in order to empanel a jury, but that this continuance will not exceed 30 days from the date of the filing of the demand.

(c) The court may order any of the following persons to serve the notice upon the proposed patient:

(1) The physician or psychologist currently administering to the proposed patient, if the physician or psychologist consents to doing so;

(2) the head of the participating mental health center or the designee thereof;

(3) the local health officer or such officer's designee;

(4) the secretary for aging and disability services or the secretary's designee if the proposed patient is being detained at a state psychiatric hospital;

(5) any law enforcement officer; or

(6) the attorney of the proposed patient.

(d) The notice shall be served personally on the proposed patient as soon as possible, but not less than six days prior to the date of the trial, and immediate return thereof shall be made to the court by the person serving notice. Unless otherwise ordered by the court, notice shall be served on the proposed patient by a nonuniformed person.

(e) Notice to all other persons may be made by mail or in such other manner as directed by the court.

History: L. 1996, ch. 167, § 19; L. 1998, ch. 134, § 46; L. 2014, ch. 115, § 209; July 1.