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2019 Statute


58-4119.Hearings, costs. (a) The costs incurred by the board in conducting any proceeding under the Kansas administrative procedure act may be assessed against the appraiser or applicant if the order of the board is adverse to the appraiser or applicant in such proportion as the board determines upon consideration of all relevant circumstances including the nature of the proceeding and the level of participation by the parties. The board may reduce any such assessment to judgment by filing a petition in the district court of Shawnee county. No certificate or license shall be reinstated, renewed or issued if an assessment for costs has not been paid by the applicant or appraiser. If the board is the unsuccessful party, the costs shall be paid from the real estate appraisal board fee fund.

(b) For purposes of this section "costs" means the fees and expenses of the presiding officer, costs of making and preparing the record, witness fees and expenses, mileage, travel allowances and subsistence expenses of board employees and fees and expenses of agents of the board who provide services to the board. "Costs" shall not mean fees and expenses or costs of making and preparing the record unless the board has designated or retained the services of the office of administrative hearings to perform such functions.

(c) The board shall make any assessment of costs incurred as part of the final order rendered in the proceeding. Such order shall include findings and conclusions in support of the assessment of costs.

History: L. 1990, ch. 270, § 19; L. 1991, ch. 164, § 19; L. 2007, ch. 96, § 5; July 1.