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2019 Statute

Section Number

44-801 - Certain labor organizations prohibited from being representative unit for the purpose of collective bargaining.
44-802 - Definitions.
44-803 - Rights of employees.
44-804 - Registration of business agents; annual fee.
44-805 - Filing copy of constitution and bylaws and amendments.
44-806 - Annual report; form and content; alternative filing of federal reports; fee.
44-806a - Penalties for failure to file constitution, bylaws or annual report; cause of action to collect.
44-807 - Records kept by secretary of state; availability.
44-808 - Unlawful acts of employer.
44-809 - Unlawful acts.
44-809a - Certain acts unlawful and against public policy; construction.
44-810 - Action to suspend or revoke license of business agent.
44-811 - Action by or against unincorporated organization.
44-811a - Purchasing and conveying of real estate by unincorporated labor organization.
44-812 - Fees to state general fund.
44-813 - Certain rights protected.
44-814 - Violations of act; injunctions.
44-815 - Invalidity of part.
44-816 - Rules and regulations.
44-817 - Mediators; appointment; functions; compensation; confidentiality.
44-818 - Agricultural employment relations; declaration of public policy.
44-819 - Agricultural employment relations; definitions.
44-820 - Agricultural labor relations; board, when activated; composition, appointment and qualifications; powers and duties; meetings and compensation; deactivation.
44-821 - Agricultural employee organizations authorized; purposes; limitations.
44-822 - Rights of agricultural employers.
44-823 - Certified employee organizations; duties of agricultural employers; determination and designation of appropriate unit; certification of representatives of appropriate unit; investigations, hearings and elections by board; membership in appropriate unit and employee organizations; duties of employee organizations.
44-824 - Rights and duties of certified or recognized employee organizations.
44-825 - Memorandum of agreement by representatives of employer and employee organization.
44-826 - Impasse resolution procedures; board hearing; judicial review.
44-827 - Dues check-off.
44-828 - Prohibited practices.
44-829 - Proceedings concerning prohibited practices; procedure; judicial review and enforcement of board's actions; remedies for certain violations.
44-830 - Actions for damages.
44-831 - Violations of right to work amendment; civil action for damages; attorneys' fees as costs, exception; limitation of actions.