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2019 Statute

Section Number

22-4501 - Panel of attorneys for indigents' defense services; eligibility; amendment, review and approval; appointments to aid defendants, method.
22-4502 - Same; procedure to obtain services for representation before appearance.
22-4503 - Entitlement of defendant to counsel; appointment of counsel, when; access to defendant; duty of appointed counsel.
22-4504 - Same; determination of indigency; partial indigency, effect; disposition of payments for appointed counsel services; no fee for electronic access to court records.
22-4505 - Appeals; record; capital murder cases; appointment of counsel; assignment, standards and compensation.
22-4506 - Persons in custody after felony conviction; habeas corpus or 60-1507 motions; capital murder cases; appointment of counsel; assignment, standards and compensation; no fee for electronic access to court records.
22-4507 - Compensation and reimbursement of expenses for services to indigents; procedures for payment; exemption from fees for electronic access to court records.
22-4508 - Same; investigative, expert and other services; ex parte proceedings; compensation; claim, approval, payment.
22-4509 - Same; transcripts.
22-4510 - Same; reimbursement of state treasury; payment under act exclusive.
22-4511 - Same; termination of appointment or reimbursement after appointment of counsel, when; counsel after proceedings begun; substitutions.
22-4512 - Transfer of funds to general fund; liabilities imposed on state board; special funds abolished.
22-4512a - Duties of court appointing counsel or authorizing expenditures to be charged against fund.
22-4513 - Liability of defendant for expenditures by state board; judgment; determination of amount and method of payment; liability of others for expenditures.
22-4514a - Domestic nonprofit corporations providing legal services to indigent inmates; submission of budget to state board; payments to corporation; annual statement of expenditures.
22-4515 - Same; severability.
22-4518 - Applicability of laws relating to aid to indigent defendants.
22-4519 - State board of indigents' defense services; appointment and terms; qualifications.
22-4520 - Same; prohibition on interfering with professional duties of counsel.
22-4521 - Same; meetings; officers; quorum; compensation and allowances.
22-4522 - Same; powers and duties.
22-4523 - Same; additional powers.
22-4524 - State director of indigents' defense services; civil service status of director and other officers and employees.
22-4525 - Same; duties.
22-4526 - Disposition of moneys received under contracts with cities and counties.
22-4527 - Abolition of board of supervisors of panels to aid indigent defendants; transfer of officers and employees, rules and regulations, directives and standards, and records and property to new board; existing defense services systems continued subject to change.
22-4528 - Citation of act.
22-4529 - Entitlement of defendant to counsel; application fee; disposition of moneys.