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2019 Statute

Section Number

22-3701 - Pardons and commutations; duties of prisoner review board; notification to victims.
22-3702 - Form of pardon.
22-3703 - Report of pardons to legislature.
22-3704 - Reprieves in capital cases.
22-3705 - Commutation of sentence, reduction of penalty; restrictions.
22-3706 - Person acting as agent or representative of individual seeking release; contingent fee prohibited; statement and affidavit.
22-3709 - Officers of board; panels authorized; vote required to parole certain inmates.
22-3710 - Kansas prisoner review board; seal, orders, records, reports.
22-3711 - Certain records privileged.
22-3712 - Placement in diagnostic or treatment facility as condition of release.
22-3713 - Prisoner review board; hearings; personnel and accounting services.
22-3716 - Arrest for violating condition of probation, assignment to community corrections, suspension of sentence or nonprison sanction, procedure; time limitation on issuing warrant; limitations on serving sentence in department of corrections' facility or serving period of postrelease supervision, exceptions.
22-3717 - Parole or postrelease supervision; eligibility; interviews, notices and hearings; rules and regulations; conditions of parole or postrelease supervision.
22-3718 - Conditional release; notice.
22-3719 - Information from correctional institution officials.
22-3720 - Subpoena power.
22-3722 - Service on parole, conditional release and postrelease supervision; discharge; restoration of civil rights.
22-3723 - Transfer of offenders under treaties.
22-3725 - Good time credits, crimes committed prior to July 1, 1993.
22-3726 - Supervised furlough; crimes committed prior to July 1, 1993.
22-3727 - Secretary of corrections; notification to victims prior to release of certain inmates.
22-3727a - County or district attorney; notification to victims of the escape or death of certain committed defendants or inmates.
22-3728 - Functional incapacitation release; procedures; notice; conditions; supervision upon release.
22-3729 - Terminal medical release; procedures; notice; conditions; revocation; supervision upon release.
22-3730 - Community parenting release; duties and authority of secretary of corrections.