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2019 Statute


22-2902c.Preliminary examination; admissability of field test of alleged controlled substances; rules and regulations by Kansas bureau of investigation. At any preliminary examination pursuant to K.S.A. 22-2902, and amendments thereto:

(a) (1) The court may admit into evidence an alleged controlled substance if, prior to the preliminary examination, the alleged controlled substance:

(A) Has been subjected to a field test, which test has been approved by the director of the Kansas bureau of investigation;

(B) the field test has been administered by a law enforcement officer trained in the use of such field test by a person certified by the manufacturer of that field test; and

(C) the result of such field test was positive for the presumptive presence of the alleged controlled substance.

(2) A positive result on a field test described in and conducted pursuant to this subsection shall be deemed sufficient to establish probable cause to believe that the tested substance is the controlled substance alleged.

(3) The director of the Kansas bureau of investigation shall adopt by rules and regulations the approved field tests; and

(b) physical evidence with a completed evidence custody receipt showing that such evidence has been continuously held in the possession or custody of law enforcement officers, law enforcement agencies, forensic laboratories or the United States postal service since the evidence was seized, shall be admissible into evidence in the preliminary examination in the same manner and with the same force and effect as if all law enforcement officers, evidence custodians and forensic examiners involved in the chain of custody had testified in person.

History: L. 2004, ch. 56, § 1; July 1.