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2019 Statute

Section Number

17-7901 - Citation of act; applicability.
17-7902 - Definitions.
17-7903 - Filings related to corporations.
17-7904 - Filings related to limited liability companies. [See Revisor's Note]
17-7905 - Filings related to limited partnerships.
17-7906 - Filings related to limited liability partnerships.
17-7907 - Rules and regulations.
17-7908 - Execution of filings.
17-7909 - Execution of filing constitutes an oath.
17-7910 - Filing process; signatures; tender of taxes and fees; certification by secretary of state; evidence of authority to file not required.
17-7911 - Effective date.
17-7912 - Correction of inaccurate filing, administrative errors.
17-7913 - Secretary of state not liable; not required to file documents not conforming to law.
17-7914 - Filing by telefacsimile or electronic communication.
17-7915 - Service of process on covered entity or series of a limited liability company.
17-7916 - Attorneys-in-fact and power of attorney; irrevocable power of attorney.
17-7917 - Failure or refusal to execute document; court to order execution.
17-7918 - Names of covered entities or foreign covered entities; permitted names in general. [See Revisor's Note]
17-7919 - Name requirements for corporations.
17-7920 - Name requirements for limited liability companies.
17-7921 - Name requirements for limited partnerships.
17-7922 - Name requirements for limited liability partnerships.
17-7923 - Reservation of exclusive right to entity name. [See Revisor's Note]
17-7924 - Registered office; requirements to maintain; references in documents.
17-7925 - Resident agent; requirement to maintain; references in documents.
17-7926 - Change of registered office or resident agent.
17-7927 - Change of address of registered office by resident agent; change of name of resident agent.
17-7928 - Resignation of resident agent; appointment of successor.
17-7929 - Resignation of resident agent; effect of failure to appoint successor; service of process.
17-7930 - Foreign covered entities; governing law.
17-7931 - Registration of foreign covered entities with secretary of state.
17-7932 - Doing business in Kansas; classification of activities.
17-7933 - Name requirements for foreign covered entities. [See Revisor's Note]
17-7934 - Registered office and resident agent requirements for foreign covered entities; changes.
17-7935 - Corrections to application for registration of a foreign covered entity.
17-7936 - Withdrawal of registration by foreign covered entity.
17-7937 - Action by attorney general to enjoin or restrain a foreign covered entity.
17-7938 - Certified copy of document, evidentiary effect.
17-7939 - Severability clause.