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2019 Statute

Section Number

12-3401 - Port authorities; definitions.
12-3402 - Port authorities; purpose; creation; modification of official plan by certain port authorities; legislative approval; tax levy; election required; dissolution.
12-3403 - Same; board of directors; membership, appointment, removal, terms, officers, quorum, expenses.
12-3404 - Same; employees; advisory board; professional help.
12-3405 - Same; area of jurisdiction.
12-3406 - Same; statement of purpose and character of work to be undertaken; general powers and authority; limitations.
12-3407 - Same; plans for development, notice and hearing; filing of objections to plan; revised plan, when.
12-3408 - Same; modification, amendment or extension of plan; notice and hearing; limitations on modification or amendment of plan by certain port authorities.
12-3409 - Same; validity of modification, amendment or extension of plan.
12-3411 - Same; inapplicability to other laws.
12-3412 - Port authorities; contracts; public bids, when required; disadvantaged business enterprises; sale or lease of property, when; exemption concerning sale of certain real or personal property.
12-3413 - Same; budget; rents and charges; surplus of funds, use.
12-3414 - Same; treasurer's bond; deposits and disbursements of funds.
12-3415 - Same; borrowing money; issuance of notes, bonds and other evidence of indebtedness; approval required.
12-3416 - Port authorities; conditions of bonds; negotiability.
12-3417 - Same; bonds; installment payment of bonds; conversion provisions.
12-3418 - Same; exercise of powers constitutes governmental function; tax exemption for property acquired, exceptions.
12-3419 - Same; payment of bonds from combined revenues; priorities; subsequent series of bonds, liens.
12-3420 - Same; issuance of bonds and refunding bonds; approval required.
12-3421 - Same; bonds not debt of state, county or city, exception; special obligations, required recitals.
12-3422 - Same; pledges of revenues and income; powers of board of directors.
12-3423 - Same; agreement with federal government.
12-3424 - Same; segregation and use of proceeds; contracts for buildings and facilities.
12-3425 - Same; approval of bonds by attorney general; effect.
12-3426 - Same; investments in bonds of authority authorized.
12-3427 - Same; borrowing money in anticipation of issuance of bonds; restrictions; failure to issue bonds, effect.
12-3428 - Same; sale of bonds; conditions.
12-3429 - Same; emergencies; contracts.
12-3430 - Same; oath and bond of trustees.
12-3431 - Same; meetings open to public; records.
12-3432 - Same; liability of trustees.
12-3433 - Same; liberal construction; severability.