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2019 Statute

Section Number

12-1215 - Budgets and tax levies in certain cities; increase in levy; petition; election.
12-1216 - Same; tax levies separate from city and in addition to other levies; no city library levy.
12-1217 - Maintenance and support of library; certain capital improvements or major equipment purchases.
12-1218 - City, county and township libraries; definitions.
12-1219 - Same; establishment and maintenance; existing libraries.
12-1220 - Same; election to establish; tax levy, use of proceeds; library fund established; territory of existing library excluded, when.
12-1221 - County or township bonds for site, building and equipment; election.
12-1222 - City, county and township libraries; board; appointment; terms; eligibility; vacancies; expenses.
12-1223 - Same; Johnson county; corporate status of library board.
12-1224 - Same; officers of board; meetings; notice.
12-1225 - Powers and duties of board.
12-1225a - Johnson county library board; duties of county treasurer.
12-1225b - Same; powers and duties.
12-1225c - Johnson county librarian; duties.
12-1226 - Treasurer of board; bond; duties; Johnson and Wyandotte counties library board treasurer.
12-1227 - Use of library; rules and regulations.
12-1228 - Penalties as to library property authorized.
12-1229 - Use of privately owned books or collections.
12-1230 - Contracts for library service; tax levy, use of proceeds.
12-1231 - Regional library; resolution; petition; election; board; certain cooperating township libraries to be maintained as regional libraries.
12-1232 - Same; appointment of board; terms; vacancies; eligibility.
12-1233 - Same; powers and duties.
12-1234 - Same; tax levies; allocation of costs.
12-1235 - Same; withdrawal of county or township; election; division of property.
12-1236 - Establishment of library districts; petition; agreement to transfer city property to district, when; resolution; election, notice and conduct.
12-1237 - Same; election canvass; annual tax levy.
12-1238 - Same; election of directors; notice.
12-1239 - Same; annual meeting; time of.
12-1240 - Same; notice of annual meeting.
12-1241 - Same; persons entitled to vote; officers of board; terms of directors; vacancies.
12-1242 - Same; powers of board of directors.
12-1243 - Same; regular and special meetings.
12-1244 - Same; election on building, equipment and site; bonds.
12-1245 - Same; powers and duties.
12-1246 - Same; bond of treasurer; records and reports.
12-1247 - Library districts; tax levy, procedure to increase levy; certification to county clerk.
12-1248 - Same; acceptance of grants.
12-1249 - Issuance of library bonds by certain counties between 6,600 and 7,300; duties of planning commission and governing board of city in which building to be located; election provisions.
12-1250 - Same; cooperation between library board and county commissioners; use of library.
12-1251 - Same; gifts and assistance; federal aid.
12-1252 - Acceptance of gifts for library purposes by cities and boards of education, or jointly; conditions.
12-1253 - Same; acceptance of gift; terms.
12-1254 - Library in cities between 120,000 and 150,000; submission of proposition to levy tax for building fund; use of proceeds.
12-1255 - Same; investment of moneys in building fund.
12-1256 - Sale or lease of public park property to library board of township by certain cities of third class; use of moneys; property to be used for library services.
12-1257 - Libraries in urban area counties; tax levy, use of proceeds; special fund established; issuance of bonds; territory of existing library excluded; adoption and publication of resolution; protest petition and election.
12-1258 - Public libraries; capital improvement fund.
12-1259 - Topeka public library; issuance of bonds; purpose; election; tax levy.
12-1260 - Topeka and Shawnee county library district; definitions.
12-1261 - Same; procedure to create district; election; transfer of assets and liabilities.
12-1262 - Same; governing body; appointment; term; vacancies; expenses of members.
12-1263 - Same; board a municipal corporation.
12-1264 - Same; organization of board; officers; meetings; treasurer's bond; treasurer's reports.
12-1265 - Same; use of library; rules and regulations.
12-1266 - Same; powers and duties of board; annual payments to certain libraries.
12-1267 - Same; annual budget; tax levy to support library; procedure to increase levy.
12-1268 - Same; capital improvement fund.
12-1269 - Same; contracts with other municipalities for library services.
12-1270 - Same; issuance of bonds; purpose; election; tax levy.
12-1276 - Leavenworth and Leavenworth county library district; creation; powers and duties of board; tax levy; budget; payments to certain libraries.
12-1281 - Independence area library district act; definitions.
12-1282 - Same; procedure to create district; election; existing contracts and obligations.
12-1283 - Same; library board; terms; expenses.
12-1284 - Same; library board, powers.
12-1285 - Same; library board, organization; treasurer's bond.
12-1286 - Same; use of library; rules and regulations.
12-1287 - Same; library board; powers and duties.
12-1288 - Same; budget; tax levy; financial records, audit.
12-1289 - Same; citation of act.
12-1294 - Eudora community library district act.
12-1295 - Same; definitions.
12-1296 - Library district creation; appointed board as provided by joint resolution.
12-1297 - Existing contracts, debt obligations.
12-1298 - Library district board membership appointed; no compensation; expenses allowed.
12-1299 - Meetings; bond for treasurer required.
12-12,100 - Library district; powers.
12-12,101 - Use of library facilities by district residents; nonresidents, charge.
12-12,102 - Library district bonds; election.
12-12,103 - Annual budget, tax levy; protest petition, election.