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2017 Statute

Section Number

19-4001 - Community mental health centers and community facilities for people with intellectual disability; services of such facilities; services provided on contract by intellectual disability governing board; approval by secretary for aging and disability services of facility establishment.
19-4002 - Same; governing boards; appointment; representation; single or separate boards.
19-4002a - Same; Sedgwick and Wyandotte counties.
19-4002b - Same; Johnson county.
19-4003 - Same; duties of boards.
19-4004 - Same; tax levies, use of proceeds; protest petition and election; issuance of bonds.
19-4005 - Same; charges for services.
19-4006 - Same; transfer and conferral of powers to center governing board; moneys.
19-4007 - Contracts for services with nonprofit corporations; schedule of charges; annual financial report contents; approval of establishment of corporation by secretary for aging and disability services; annual report; transfer of proceeds of tax levy to state agency.
19-4008 - Solicitation, acceptance and expenditures of gifts and grants.
19-4009 - Application of act as to other laws.
19-4010 - Certain counties authorized to contract with centers organized under K.S.A. 19-4001 et seq. for services; consideration; term of agreement.
19-4011 - Same; tax levy, use of proceeds.
19-4012 - Same; effective date of agreement; payments.
19-4013 - Community mental health centers; sale of buildings or buildings and sites; use of proceeds of sale.
19-4014 - Same; prior sales validated and confirmed.
19-4015 - Pension and deferred compensation plans for employees of governing boards of community mental health centers and facilities for people with intellectual disability.
19-4016 - Financial assistance to person studying to be licensed as psychologist or in a social work specialty; agreements, provisions.