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2017 Statute

Section Number

19-3601 - Fire districts; organizations; name; governing body; duties of county clerk and county treasurer; delegation.
19-3601a - Same; governing body; powers.
19-3601b - Same; issuance of bonds and no-fund warrants.
19-3602 - Same; resolution, contents; notice and hearing; abandonment or alteration of proposal; adoption of final resolution; publication, effect.
19-3602a - Same; inclusion of land located in other benefit districts.
19-3603 - Same; petition; contents; resolution; adoption and publication, when.
19-3604 - Same; disorganization or alteration of district; inclusion of new lands; procedures.
19-3605 - Same; inclusion of certain cities within district; procedure.
19-3606 - Same; districts not to be organized or altered after July 1; budget; tax levy.
19-3608 - Same; agreements with cities or townships for fire protection service; terms; resolution or ordinance.
19-3608a - Same; contracts with rural fire districts of adjoining county of another state; terms; limitation of liability.
19-3609 - Same; agreements with cities providing for buildings; funds.
19-3610 - Same; tax levies; use of proceeds, limitations.
19-3612 - Same; existing contracts not abrogated; termination by mutual consent, when; funds.
19-3612a - Same; establishment of district board of trustees; powers.
19-3612b - Same; supervisor and employees of district.
19-3612c - Same; fire protection reserve fund; source of revenue; limitations.
19-3612d - Same; tax levies in certain counties; use of proceeds; limitation; election.
19-3612e - Tax levies for fire districts in Reno and Sedgwick counties.
19-3613 - Fire districts in Johnson county; creation; petition; notice and hearing; territory; protest, when; final resolution; publication.
19-3613a - Same; inclusion of land located in other benefit districts.
19-3614 - Same; governing body; terms; vacancies; removal; expenses.
19-3614a - Same; governing body of certain consolidated districts in Johnson county; terms.
19-3615 - Same; election of officers; oaths; bond.
19-3616 - Same; powers.
19-3617 - Same; furnishing of fire protection services; contracts for services; tax levy.
19-3619 - Same; consolidation with adjoining district; outstanding bonds; approval of consolidation agreement; findings; designation; governing body of consolidated district, terms.
19-3620 - Same; operation of department; powers of governing body.
19-3621 - Same; contracts with other municipalities to provide fire protection.
19-3622 - Same; budget notice, hearing, approval by board of county commissioners; tax levies.
19-3623 - Same; inclusion of new territory in district; procedure.
19-3623a - Same; detachment of territory located within certain cities and consolidation of remaining area with adjoining fire district; procedure; outstanding bond issues; tax levies; governing board of district.
19-3623c - Same; certain districts with territory in cities over 50,000; attachment of territory; alternative methods.
19-3623d - Same; bonded indebtedness of area or district.
19-3623e - Same; fire protection reserve fund; source of revenue; limitations.
19-3623f - Same; annexation of district property by cities; procedure; agreements; outstanding obligations.
19-3624 - Fire districts in two or more counties; creation; procedure.
19-3624a - Same; inclusion of land located in other benefit districts.
19-3625 - Same; governing body; powers; issuance of bonds and no-fund warrants.
19-3626 - Same; budgets; certification of valuations; tax levies.
19-3627 - Same; transmittal of tax moneys; expenditures.
19-3629 - Same; attachment of territory; petition; notice to county clerk; budget; tax levies; expenditures.
19-3630 - Same; attachment of territory outside county by district organized within county; laws applicable.
19-3631 - Same; detachment of territory; petition; certification of boundaries; bonded debt.
19-3631a - Same; district board of trustees; appointment; powers.
19-3637 - Fire districts in counties designated urban areas; insurance for employees; payment of premiums.
19-3638 - Fire districts; audits; costs.