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2017 Statute

Section Number

19-2801 - Parks, museums and recreation grounds; maintenance of certain city, district and township parks; contracts for recreational activities; issuance of bonds; tax levy, use of proceeds; protest petition and election.
19-2802 - Same; donations and bequests; regulations for supervision; board of trustees, when.
19-2803 - Same; tax levy, use of proceeds.
19-2803a - Rules and regulations by county commissioners; publication; penalties.
19-2803b - Conveyance of certain real estate to department of wildlife, parks and tourism.
19-2803c - Establishment and maintenance of county lake and recreational grounds; election; bonds; limitation on cost.
19-2803d - Same; acceptance of gifts; regulations.
19-2803e - Same; tax levy, use of proceeds.
19-2803f - Same; application of 19-2803a, 19-2803b.
19-2814 - Establishment of parks and recreational grounds in certain counties.
19-2815 - Plan for improvements; engineer.
19-2816 - Eminent domain.
19-2817 - Agreement with department of wildlife, parks and tourism.
19-2818 - Bonds; petition; election; tax levy.
19-2819 - Establishment of parks and recreational grounds in certain counties.
19-2820 - Plan for improvements; engineer.
19-2821 - Eminent domain.
19-2822 - Agreement with department of wildlife, parks and tourism.
19-2823 - Bonds; petition; election; tax levy.
19-2823a - Additional park and grounds in certain counties.
19-2823b - Same; establishment and maintenance; bonds, limitation.
19-2823c - Same; act supplemental.
19-2833a - City lakes and parks in certain counties; tax levy, use of proceeds.
19-2834 - Establishment of parks and recreational grounds in certain counties.
19-2835 - Cooperation with department of wildlife, parks and tourism.
19-2836 - Plans and specifications; payment of cost.
19-2837 - Bonds; petitions; election; limitation on bonds.
19-2838 - Terms and maturity of bonds; tax levy; limitation.
19-2839 - Construction work; grants or gifts.
19-2840 - Act supplemental.
19-2841 - Establishment of joint parks and recreational grounds in certain counties.
19-2842 - Plan for improvements; engineer.
19-2843 - Eminent domain.
19-2844 - Agreements with department of wildlife, parks and tourism.
19-2844a - Construction and maintenance of roads and bridges by adjoining county.
19-2845 - Division of cost; bonds; petition; election; tax levy.
19-2853 - Wyandotte county board of park commissioners; established.
19-2854 - Appointment of members; officers; quorum; terms; removal for cause; expenses; meeting and office space.
19-2855 - Powers; issuance of bonds; tax levy, use of proceeds.
19-2855a - Wyandotte county lake; limitation on certain use and development.
19-2856 - Manager of parks; appointment; powers and duties; compensation of manager and employees.
19-2857 - County park and recreation fund; annual budget; disbursements.
19-2858 - Deputy sheriffs for enforcement of park regulations.
19-2859 - Johnson county park and recreation district; certain property tax exempt.
19-2860 - Same; definitions.
19-2861 - Same; petition; notice and hearing; establishment.
19-2862 - Same; powers of district.
19-2862a - Same; revenue bonds for recreational facilities; leases; form and issuance of bonds.
19-2862b - Same; use of bond proceeds.
19-2862c - Same; interim receipts or temporary bonds; conditions and proceedings for issuance of bonds.
19-2862d - Same; bonds payable from revenue and funds provided by law; no obligation of state or political subdivision; expenses.
19-2862e - Same; securing bonds by trust agreement; protection of rights of bondholders.
19-2862f - Same; lawful for depository bank to furnish indemnifying bond; rights and remedies of bondholders; expenses included as cost.
19-2862g - Same; use of bond proceeds and revenues.
19-2862h - Same; enforcement of rights by bondholders and trustee.
19-2862i - Same; property, bonds and income exempt from taxation.
19-2862j - Same; general obligation bonds for parks and playgrounds; election; revenue bonds for golf courses, swimming pools and related facilities.
19-2863 - Same; governing board's qualifications; terms, appointment; vacancies; compensation.
19-2864 - Same; officers of board; oath; bonds.
19-2865 - Same; board meetings; rules; records; quorum.
19-2866 - Same; officers, duties; authentication of signatures.
19-2867 - Same; acquisition of real estate; eminent domain.
19-2868 - Same; powers of board.
19-2869 - Same; supervisory personnel; surety bonds.
19-2870 - Same; deposit of moneys by treasurer.
19-2871 - Same; addition of certain areas to district; petition by park board; notice and hearing; resolution; tax levies.
19-2871a - Same; enlargement of district to include entire county; notice and hearing; determination; resolution; tax levies; bonded debt; protest petition; election, conduct of.
19-2871b - Same; inapplicability where countywide district exists.
19-2872 - Same; improvements authorized.
19-2873 - Same; rules and regulations; conduct, fees, leases.
19-2873a - Same; conveniences or amusements operated by board; revolving fund; petty cash funds; rules; budget law inapplicable.
19-2873b - Same; land acquisition fund; use; transfers; budget laws inapplicable.
19-2874 - Same; bonds; election; limitations; tax levies.
19-2875 - Same; elections, procedures.
19-2876 - Same; tax levies; funds, uses; budgets, approval by county commissioners; cash-basis law applicable; claims, presentment and payment.
19-2876a - Same; investment of county building funds in district recreation funds anticipation notes.
19-2876b - Same; recreation fund anticipation notes; interest; proceeds; redemption on maturity.
19-2876c - Same; approval of electors for increased levy required; submission of proposal.
19-2880 - Same; invalidity of part.
19-2881 - Contracts for improvements; plans and specifications; bids; purchases through a public agency.
19-2881a - Same; contracts with federal agencies for recreational areas and facilities on or around federal reservoirs within the district; tax levies.
19-2881b - Same; approval of electors; duties of board; application of election laws.
19-2882 - County park districts; definitions.
19-2883 - Same; establishment; resolution, name.
19-2884 - Same; powers of district.
19-2885 - Same; park board; qualifications; terms; appointment; vacancies; compensation.
19-2886 - Same; officers of board; oaths; bond.
19-2887 - Same; meetings; rules; records; quorum.
19-2888 - Same; duties of officers of board; authentication of signatures.
19-2889 - Same; acquisition of real estate; eminent domain.
19-2890 - Same; powers of board.
19-2891 - Same; park superintendent; appointment, powers, duties.
19-2892 - Same; deposit of moneys by treasurer.
19-2893 - Same; improvements; zoning regulations, when; improvements limited; plats.
19-2894 - Same; rules and regulations; conduct, fees, leases, fishing and boating.
19-2895 - Same; administrative expenses.
19-2896 - Same; revenue bonds for capital improvements.
19-2897 - Bonds for additional land for public park purposes; limitation.
19-2898 - Same; resolution by park boards; contents; approval of county commissioners; engineering report and recommendations.
19-2899 - Same; determination as to plan; appraisers; negotiation; eminent domain.
19-28,100 - Same; election on bonds, when.
19-28,101 - Same; preliminary and working plans, when; survey and preparation of contracts before bids.
19-28,102 - Same; conditions; power of commissioners.
19-28,105 - Sports authority; definitions.
19-28,106 - Same; petition for creation; notice and hearing; resolution of county commissioners.
19-28,107 - Same; appointment of commissioners; number; qualifications; terms; chairman, officers and employees; votes required for action; compensation and expenses.
19-28,108 - Same; powers.
19-28,109 - Same; comprehensive plan required; issuance of bonds or notes; conditions, restrictions and procedures; charges for use and services of facilities; allocation of revenues; refunding bonds.
19-28,110 - Same; rapid and economical discharge of duties directed; additional powers; effect on powers of local authorities.
19-28,111 - Same; countywide entertainment tax; imposition, levy, collection, administration and enforcement; reports and records; penalty for unpaid taxes; disposition of revenues.
19-28,112 - Tax levy for county zoo in counties over 300,000; election; disposition of moneys.