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2017 Statute

Section Number

19-27a01 - Sewer districts in any county; definitions.
19-27a02 - Board of county commissioners serves as governing body of district; powers and duties.
19-27a03 - Creation of district by petition; contents; unsanitary conditions.
19-27a03a - Inclusion of land located in other benefit districts.
19-27a04 - Preliminary survey required; cost of survey; creation of district to conduct survey; cost paid from county general fund.
19-27a05 - Notice; hearing; district extending into city limits.
19-27a06 - Resolution; cost exceeding estimate; second hearing required; notice; continuation or discontinuation of project.
19-27a07 - Cost of project; assessments; notice; hearing; methods of assessment; protest; payment of assessments in full; issuance of bonds; dedication of property for public use.
19-27a08 - Transfer of property to another district; construction of sewers upon request; additional sewers in lateral districts, cost.
19-27a09 - Maintenance fund; tax levy; user charges.
19-27a10 - Sewage received from other districts; apportionment of cost; assessment among districts.
19-27a11 - Costs of combined or enlarged districts; tax levy; installments; bonds.
19-27a12 - Disposal works and pumping stations; costs; bonds; approval by secretary of health and environment.
19-27a13 - Joint sewer districts; creation; procedure; inclusion of certain districts; petition.
19-27a14 - Enlargement of boundaries upon petition; additional levies.
19-27a15 - Annexation of district by a city; district not dissolved.
19-27a16 - Alteration of district's boundaries; district served by city-owned sewage system; hearing.
19-27a17 - Inspection to determine adequacy of sewage facilities; additional facilities authorized; cost; bonds.
19-27a18 - Federal aid for costs; bonds.
19-27a19 - Contracts; public bidding required, when.
19-27a20 - Unexpended bond proceeds; uses.
19-27a21 - Deficits in bond and interest fund; levy authorized.
19-27a22 - Revenue bonds for sewer projects in urban areas.
19-27a23 - Abnormal delinquency in payment of special assessments; levy authorized.
19-27a24 - Attachment of territory within a city to county sewer district; notice; hearing; affect on bonds previously issued; costs; charges; bonds.
19-27a25 - Additional user charge to pay cost for use of other municipality's treatment plant.
19-27a26 - Districts in Sedgwick county; delegation of powers to controller.
19-27a27 - Existing districts to operate under 19-27a01 et seq.; exception.