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2017 Statute


19-26,102.Vacation of certain property in Lyon county, procedure; reversion of property. (a) As used in this section:

(1) "County" means Lyon county.

(2) "Land" means land dedicated to public purpose located in Lyon county and which is located within the unincorporated area of the county or land dedicated to public purpose located within the corporate limits of a city which has no elected governing body.

(3) "Public loss or inconvenience" or "private right" shall not be construed to extend to the taxes which may be levied upon the land.

(b) The board of county commissioners may vacate land as defined in subsection (a) as provided herein. The board shall give public notice of the same by a publication for two consecutive weeks in a newspaper of general circulation in the vicinity of such place sought to be vacated or in the official county newspaper. Such notice shall state the board's intention to vacate such land and describe the property fully, and give the time, date and location of the hearing to be held on the proposed vacation.

(c) On the day of the hearing, the board shall hear such testimony as may be presented before it, and such other testimony as required in order to determine the advisability of such vacation. If the board determines from the proofs and evidence presented that due and legal notice has been given by publication as required in this act, and that no private rights will be injured or endangered by such vacation, and that the public will suffer no loss or inconvenience thereby, the board shall order that such vacation be made. Any order approving such vacation shall provide for the reservation to the county and the owners of any lesser property rights for public utilities, rights-of-ways and easements for public service facilities originally held in such public reservation then in existence and use. An order of vacation shall be entered at length on the records of the proceedings of the board. Thereupon the county clerk shall certify a copy of such order to the register of deeds of the county. The register of deeds shall record in the deed records of the county and write on the margin of the recorded plat of such land, the words "canceled by order" or "canceled in part by order," as the case may be, giving reference thereon to the page and book of records where such order is recorded in the register's office.

(d) Any land vacated pursuant to this section shall revert to the owners of the real estate immediately abutting thereon, according to the frontage of such real estate thereon. All lands so reverting shall revert to the owners of abutting lands holding the same by title derived directly or indirectly from the owners of such lands from which such reservation was originally platted.

History: L. 1995, ch. 161, § 2; July 1.