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2017 Statute

Section Number

19-1901 - Jail at county seat.
19-1903 - Sheriff to keep jail; separation of sexes; meals and fuel for prisoners.
19-1904 - Calendar.
19-1905 - Copies of calendar for judges.
19-1906 - Bibles for prisoners; ministers to have access to jail.
19-1907 - Intoxicating liquors; penalty.
19-1908 - Same; penalty for others furnishing liquor.
19-1909 - Cost of keeping civil prisoner.
19-1910 - Cost of keeping prisoner under criminal process; costs paid by the state; reimbursement from prisoner.
19-1911 - Process.
19-1912 - Preservation of same.
19-1913 - Delivery thereof to successor of officers.
19-1914 - Escape of prisoner confined on civil process; liability of sheriff.
19-1915 - Judgment for escape satisfied by recommitment; costs.
19-1916 - Prisoner sent to jail of nearest county.
19-1917 - Fugitives from other states; compensation for custody.
19-1919 - Treatment of prisoners; juvenile prisoners; visits of parents and friends.
19-1923 - Jails in certain areas other than county seat; cooperation by city.
19-1924 - Sale of old jail or jailer's residence; procedure; construction of new.
19-1925 - Same; appraisement.
19-1927 - Abandoned jail and site; sale; conveyance to historical society, when; conditions.
19-1928 - Same; deed.
19-1928a - Same; use of funds derived from sale.
19-1929 - Commitment of prisoners in city jails in counties not having a sufficient jail.
19-1930 - County jails; U.S. prisoners, city prisoners and inmates on parole or conditional release; compensation for maintenance; payments by inmates to defray maintenance cost; Sedgwick county, tax levy; failure of sheriff or jailer to perform duties; attorney visitation.
19-1931 - Jail facilities in certain counties; issuance of bonds; election; debt limitations inapplicable.
19-1932 - Same; authority of board not limited; means of site acquisition.
19-1933 - Chase county jail; transfer of property from public building commission; duties of county commissioners.
19-1934 - Same; financing of jail; bonds.
19-1935 - Death of prisoner in custody of city or county; investigation by Kansas bureau of investigation.