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2017 Statute

Section Number

19-1505d - Validation of certain proceedings and bonds for county buildings.
19-1510 - Courthouses in counties over 110,000; exceptions; bonds.
19-1511 - Same; plans and specifications; bids; contracts; bond of contractor; time for action to restrain.
19-1512 - Same; bonds; levies.
19-1513 - Courthouse, county 120,000 or over.
19-1544 - Exchange of courthouse property for fairgrounds.
19-1545 - Same; deed.
19-1546 - Same; lease.
19-1547 - Free fairs on grounds exchanged for unused courthouse property; tax levy, use of proceeds.
19-1561 - 4-H clubs; site, buildings, equipment; tax levy, use of proceeds; election required; condemnation proceedings.
19-1561a - Same; donations.
19-1561b - Same; additional equipment, repair of buildings; premiums and rewards; tax levy, use of proceeds; report to county of premiums and rewards awarded.
19-1561c - Control and management of buildings; appointment of board; terms.
19-1561d - Tax levies voted under 19-1561.
19-1561e - Same; no-fund warrants; limitation; payment; cash basis and budget laws inapplicable.
19-1561f - Same; maximum levies not made.
19-1561g - Same; no-fund warrants for certain expenditures; limitation; redemption.
19-1562 - Validation of certain county jail bonds.
19-1572c - Construction of courthouse or jail in certain counties; enlarging or remodeling; tax levy, use of proceeds; adoption and publication of resolution; protest petition and election.
19-1572d - Same; contracts; issuance of bonds, when.
19-1573 - Courthouses in certain counties; remodeling, refurnishing; tax levy, use of proceeds.
19-1574 - Tax levies for courthouse fund in certain counties; warrants.
19-1576a - Sale of certain property in certain counties under 10,000.
19-1576b - Same; resolution; appraisal; disposition of proceeds.
19-1577 - Bonds for combination courthouse and memorial building or courthouse, jail and memorial building in certain counties; election.
19-1578 - Same; management; trustees.
19-1579 - Certain counties under 5,000; courthouse, jail or sheriff quarters.
19-1580 - Same; bonds; election.
19-1581 - Certain counties between 12,000 and 13,000.
19-1582 - Same; warrants for improving courthouse.
19-1583 - Same; tax levies to pay warrants; surplus funds.
19-1584 - Same; cash basis and budget laws not to apply.
19-1585 - Certain counties over 50,000; additional bonds for site and the building and equipping of courthouse or jail; resolution.
19-1586 - Same; site at place other than county seat; contracts; limitation; resolution.
19-1587 - Same; bond election.
19-1588 - Same; federal or state aid; issuance and retirement of bonds.
19-1590 - Counties between 50,000 and 80,000; bonds for courthouse improvements, acquisition of sites, additions, equipment and maintenance.
19-1594 - Counties over 175,000; repairs and improvements to county buildings; replacing of equipment; plan; limitation; resolution; publication; bonds; election, when.
19-1595 - Same; issuance of bonds; limitations.
19-1596 - Counties acquiring voting machines; building for storing and servicing and for other uses; resolution; plans and specifications; acquisition of site; costs; bonds.
19-1597 - Same; publication of resolution; bids; protest petition; election.
19-1598 - Same; bond requirements; outside debt limitations.
19-1599 - Improvement of courthouse property in counties over 250,000; leasing of old site, conditions.
19-15,100 - Same; preliminary plan; resolution; survey and cost estimate; improvements, laws applicable.
19-15,101 - Same; costs; no-fund warrants authorized; limitations; tax levies.
19-15,102 - No-fund warrants for additional revenue for construction, repair and equipment of courthouse or courthouse and jail in counties between 35,000 and 40,000.
19-15,103 - Same; tax levies to pay warrants; cash basis and budget laws inapplicable.
19-15,104 - Same; application of act.
19-15,105 - No-fund warrants for courthouse funds in certain counties between 10,000 and 13,000; limitation; conditions.
19-15,106 - Same; tax levies to pay warrants; cash basis and budget laws inapplicable.
19-15,107 - Purchase of abandoned U.S. post office building for county office space; resolution; limitation; bonds for remodeling and equipping.
19-15,108 - Urban area counties; acquisition of sites for county buildings, parking and improvements; bonds, limitation.
19-15,109 - Same; resolution; protest petition; election.
19-15,110 - Same; disposition of improvements on acquired sites.
19-15,111 - Same; bond provisions.
19-15,114 - County public buildings; definitions.
19-15,115 - Same; acquisition and construction; improvements; exercise of authority jointly with other municipalities.
19-15,116 - Same; financing of costs; issuance of bonds, procedure; tax levy, use of proceeds; adoption and publication of resolution; protest petition and election; no-fund warrants.
19-15,117 - Same; lease of buildings, when; terms and conditions.
19-15,118 - Same; sale of building and site; terms; use of moneys.
19-15,120 - Counties designated urban areas; acquisition of building sites; general obligation bonds; limitations.
19-15,121 - Same; court rooms and facilities; general obligation bonds; limitations.
19-15,122 - Same; general obligation bonds; resolution; publication; petition; election.
19-15,123 - Additional courtrooms and facilities for probate and juvenile matters in counties over 300,000; no-fund warrants or general obligation bonds; tax levies.
19-15,124 - Courthouses and jails in certain counties; site and building; tax levy, use of proceeds.
19-15,125 - Same; use of proceeds from tax levies and sale of bonds.
19-15,126 - Same; general obligation bonds; issuance where authorized prior to repeal of authorizing statute; limitations.
19-15,127 - Same; issuance of general obligation bonds where formerly authorized by supplemental resolution; outside bond debt limitation.
19-15,128 - Same; issuance of general obligation bonds where special tax levy authorized under former law; limitations; validation of certain levies; election.
19-15,135 - Sale of county farm or home property in certain counties between 35,000 and 50,000; election.
19-15,136 - Same; disposition of moneys received; use; budget law inapplicable.
19-15,137 - Transfer of balance in certain fund to special county hospital and home for aged fund in certain counties between 3,600 and 4,500 authorized.
19-15,138 - Issuance of bonds for remodeling and restoration of courthouses in certain counties.
19-15,138a - Bonds issued for construction and furnishing of jail and law enforcement center in certain counties exempt from limitations on bonded indebtedness.
19-15,139 - Civic centers in certain counties; acquisition, construction, operation.
19-15,140 - Same; general obligation bonds; election.
19-15,141 - Same; bonds not subject to debt limitations, exception.
19-15,142 - Coliseums in certain counties; operation and maintenance; tax levy, use of proceeds; adoption and publication of resolution; protest petition and election.
19-15,143 - Bond limitation exemption; Geary county jail and law enforcement center.
19-15,144 - Shawnee county jail; issuance of bonds to finance purchase of land and certain improvements, furnishing and equipping.