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2017 Statute

Section Number

19-501 - County treasurer; election, term, bond.
19-502 - Condition of bond.
19-502a - Purchase of burglary insurance authorized; premium payment.
19-502b - Surety bonds for deputies and employees; filing, approval, cost.
19-503 - Deputy treasurers, duties; meetings and seminars; budget; limitation of personnel action.
19-504 - Vacancy in office of county treasurer, how filled.
19-505 - Persons ineligible to hold office.
19-506 - Duty to receive and disburse moneys; refusal to submit to surprise cash count unlawful, grounds for ouster.
19-506a - Revenues from national wildlife refuge system; distribution; use.
19-506b - Surprise cash count; required annually in certain counties.
19-507 - Accounts of receipts and expenditures; inspection of books; October settlement.
19-508 - Settlement of affairs of political divisions; receipts and vouchers.
19-508a - Financial reports to cities.
19-508b - Financial reports to school districts; copies to state board of education.
19-509 - Warrants; payment and redemption; received in payment of taxes.
19-510 - Endorsement on county orders.
19-510a - Payment into county treasury; receipt from county treasurer.
19-511 - Duplicate receipts.
19-512 - Treasurer not to act as county clerk or deputy.
19-513 - Delivery of books, papers and moneys to successor; penalty for failure.
19-514 - Discount of warrants unlawful; penalty.
19-515 - Collector of taxes.
19-516 - Statement of tax of persons so requesting.
19-517 - Same; fee for notifying person of amount of taxes or for accepting payment through mail.
19-518 - Same; cancellation of tax receipt where check not paid.
19-519 - Same; penalty.
19-520 - Quarterly statements.
19-521 - Same; verification; penalty for perjury.
19-524 - Same; publication and posting of statement.
19-525 - Same; penalty for failure to make and publish statement; action.
19-531 - Duplicate ticket of deposit; statement of amount of money sent to fiscal agent.
19-532 - Charging bank with money deposited and fiscal agent with money transmitted and crediting treasurer with such amounts.
19-533 - Monthly statement by fiscal agent.
19-534 - Checks or drafts on banks; purpose; countersignature of county clerk of counties of less than 40,000.
19-535 - Duties of county clerk as to checks and drafts.
19-537 - Penalty for violating 19-531 to 19-537.
19-547 - Publication of delinquent personal property tax statements; costs, payment and collection.
19-548 - Same; failure to publish statement; fine.