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2016 Statute

Section Number

82a-2401 - Citation of act.
82a-2402 - Reservoir improvement district act; definitions.
82a-2403 - Same; organization of district.
82a-2404 - Same; petition requirements.
82a-2405 - Same; circulation of petition; duties of secretary of state relating to petition.
82a-2406 - Same; investigation by water office; report of findings.
82a-2407 - Same; formation of district; election required, procedure; certificate of incorporation.
82a-2408 - Same; payment of costs and expenses when district is disapproved or defeated.
82a-2409 - Same; board of directors, powers, composition, terms, compensation.
82a-2410 - Same; election of board of directors; conduct of business; filling vacancies.
82a-2411 - Same; district meetings, purpose.
82a-2412 - Same; meetings of board of directors; notice.
82a-2413 - Same; powers of districts.
82a-2414 - Same; district general plan; creation, approval; report by director of Kansas water office.
82a-2415 - Same; cost and charges to administer general plan; notice; hearing; modified plan.
82a-2416 - Same; specific projects; review of general plan.
82a-2417 - Same; act supplemental.
82a-2418 - Same; dissolution of district, procedures.
82a-2419 - Same; certificate of dissolution; payment of obligations; publication of dissolution.
82a-2420 - Same; funds apportioned upon dissolution.