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2016 Statute

Section Number

82a-1401 - Citation of act.
82a-1402 - Kansas weather modification act; definitions.
82a-1403 - Same; administration of act; rules and regulations; powers of board and director.
82a-1405 - Same; licenses for weather modification activities; issuance and limitations; permit for weather modification projects; studies, hearings and investigations; research and development programs; expenditure of funds; representation of state in weather modification matters.
82a-1406 - Same; license and permit required; violation of license or permit; fee exemptions.
82a-1407 - Same; license; requirements.
82a-1408 - Same; license fees; license term.
82a-1409 - Suspension or revocation of license; grounds; hearing.
82a-1410 - Appeals to district court.
82a-1411 - Same; weather modification permit; requirements.
82a-1412 - Same; conduct of operations under permit under supervision of licensee.
82a-1413 - Same; permit fees.
82a-1414 - Same; permit term; emergency.
82a-1415 - Weather modification; permit; revision, suspension or modification of terms and conditions; procedure; licensee to notify director of emergencies.
82a-1416 - Same; compliance with permit terms and conditions.
82a-1417 - Same; reports of activities; form and content.
82a-1418 - Same; suspension, revocation or denial of permit.
82a-1419 - Same; suspension or revocation of license or permit; notice and hearing.
82a-1420 - Same; state and local officers immune from liability; issuance of permit not state endorsement.
82a-1421 - Same; operation without license or permit; order to cease; enforcement.
82a-1422 - Same; license or permit no defense in action for damages or injunctive relief.
82a-1423 - Same; violations of act; misdemeanor.
82a-1424 - Severability of act.
82a-1425 - Weather modification programs; tax levy, use of proceeds; protest petition and election.