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2016 Statute

Section Number

82a-1301 - State water plan storage act; definitions.
82a-1302 - Same; waters subject to act.
82a-1303 - Same; state "water reservation rights"; acquisition by board; rights authorized to be acquired.
82a-1304 - Same; "water reservation rights"; procedure for acquiring; notice, content; acceptance; filing, perfection of rights.
82a-1305 - Same; withdrawal and use of waters; contracts for withdrawal; disposal of surplus water.
82a-1306 - State water plan storage act; contracts for withdrawal and use; required provisions; rate of charges for water.
82a-1307 - Same; contracts for withdrawal and use; effective date; filing of contract with secretary of state and legislature; disapproval and revocation by legislature.
82a-1308a - Same; establishment of rates, components; considerations.
82a-1309 - Same; meters, gauges or other measuring devices; director, authority.
82a-1310a - Same; application to enter into contract, contents.
82a-1311a - Same; contract negotiations; authority approval, considerations.
82a-1312 - Same; contracts filed with chief engineer.
82a-1313 - Same; withdrawal of water under contract; exercise and protection of rights.
82a-1314 - Same; request for withdrawal of water; release of water; conduct and withdrawal of water.
82a-1315a - Same; payment of charges; disposition of revenue.
82a-1315b - Same; acquisition of conservation storage water supply capacity; establishment of state conservation storage water supply fund; deposits and expenditures.
82a-1315c - Water marketing fund created; purposes for which moneys may be expended from fund.
82a-1316 - Same; approval of assignment, sale or transfer of contract or interest required; amendment or revocation of contract.
82a-1317 - Same; failure to make payment for water; interest on overdue payment.
82a-1318 - Same; enforcement of claim or right or provisions of act or rules and regulations; authority of authority; attorney general, duties.
82a-1319 - Same; rules and regulations.
82a-1320 - Citation of act.
82a-1330 - Water assurance program; citation of act.
82a-1331 - Same; definitions.
82a-1332 - Same; negotiation by Kansas water office for water assurance storage in federal reservoirs.
82a-1333 - Same; prerequisites to organization of water assurance district; duties of chief engineer.
82a-1334 - Same; participation mandatory in program, when.
82a-1335 - Same; procedure for organization of water assurance district; petition requirements.
82a-1336 - Same; petition requirements for organization of water assurance districts; duties of secretary of state.
82a-1337 - Same; duties of secretary of state relating to petitions; approval of chief engineer required, findings.
82a-1338 - Same; formation of water assurance district; election required, procedure; certificate of incorporation.
82a-1339 - Same; payment of costs and expenses when chief engineer disapproves organization of water assurance district.
82a-1340 - Same; exercise of district powers by board of directors; composition and terms of board of directors.
82a-1341 - Same; organization of district board of directors; conduct of business; filling of vacancies.
82a-1342 - Same; district meetings, purpose.
82a-1343 - Same; meetings of district board of directors; notice.
82a-1344 - Same; powers of districts.
82a-1345 - Same; charges imposed against district members, amount; releases of water from reservoirs; duties of chief engineer and Kansas water office; rules and regulations; rights of water right holders.
82a-1346 - Same; persons not prohibited from purchasing storage in federal reservoirs.
82a-1347 - Same; renegotiation of existing water supply storage contracts.
82a-1348 - Same; conservation plans and practices required.
82a-1349 - Water supply storage assurance fund established; receipts; use of moneys.
82a-1360 - Financing of large reservoir projects; definitions.
82a-1361 - Revenue bonds to finance reservoirs or purchase of water storage; procedure and conditions; pledge of revenues.
82a-1362 - Same; revenue bonds issued not state indebtedness; enforceability of contracts, agreements or covenants of Kansas water office.
82a-1363 - Same; issuance of revenue bonds to refund existing revenue bonds.
82a-1364 - Same; disposition of proceeds received from sale of revenue bonds, authority of director of Kansas water office.
82a-1365 - Same; income from bonds exempt from taxation.
82a-1366 - Same; bonds deemed legal and proper securities for investment by governmental entities.
82a-1367 - Same; powers supplemental to other powers of Kansas water office; severability.
82a-1368 - Same; publication of notice of revenue bond issuance, contents; actions to contest, timing.
82a-1370 - Purchase of water supply storage, financing of; pooled money investment board loan; water supply storage acquisition financing fund.