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2016 Statute

Section Number

82a-701 - Definitions.
82a-702 - Dedication of use of water.
82a-703 - Water may be appropriated subject to vested rights.
82a-703a - Minimum streamflows; duties of chief engineer.
82a-703b - Minimum desirable streamflows; condition of appropriation right, applicability.
82a-703c - Minimum streamflows established.
82a-704a - Determination of vested rights; procedure; duties of chief engineer.
82a-704b - Same; notice.
82a-704c - Same; supplemental to Kansas water appropriation act.
82a-705 - Acquisition of a new appropriation right to use water other than domestic; approval.
82a-705a - Domestic use after June 28, 1945; information to chief engineer.
82a-706 - Duties of chief engineer as to beneficial use and rights of priority of appropriation.
82a-706a - Rules, regulations and standards.
82a-706b - Diversion of water prohibited, when; unlawful acts; enforcement and augmentation by chief engineer.
82a-706c - Meters, gages and other measuring devices; waste and quality checks.
82a-706d - Duties of attorney general.
82a-706e - State field offices and commissioners.
82a-707 - Principles governing appropriations; priorities.
82a-708a - Applications for permits to appropriate water; fee.
82a-708b - Application for change in place of use, point of diversion or use; fee; review of action on application.
82a-708c - Application for term permits to appropriate water; fee.
82a-709 - Same; contents; time of filing.
82a-710 - Same; return for correction or completion; maps, plats, plans and drawings; default in refiling.
82a-711 - Permits to appropriate water; standards for approval of use; review of action on application.
82a-711a - Same; express conditions of appropriations.
82a-712 - Same; notice of approval or disapproval of application; approval constitutes permit.
82a-713 - Same; limiting time for perfection of appropriation; extension.
82a-714 - Same; completion of works; extension of time; certificate of appropriation; fees.
82a-715 - Same; validation of certain applications.
82a-716 - Common-law claimants; action for compensation; injunctions.
82a-717a - Diversions by common-law claimants and others; injunctions.
82a-718 - Abandonment of water rights; notices; hearing; review of action; exceptions.
82a-719 - Distribution of water according to decree of court.
82a-720 - Same; certified copies of decrees.
82a-721 - Construction of act.
82a-721a - Same; damages to land.
82a-722 - Invalidity of part.
82a-724 - Review of administrative actions.
82a-725 - Same; reference to state division or its chief engineer; procedures; cases in federal courts.
82a-726 - Diversion and transportation of water for use in another state; approval by chief engineer; conditions.
82a-727 - Temporary permits to appropriate water; extension; fee; rules and regulations.
82a-728 - Unlawful acts; penalties.
82a-729 - Act supplemental to article 7 of chapter 82a of the Kansas Statutes Annotated.
82a-730 - Citation of act.
82a-731 - Water appropriation certification fund created; expenditures therefrom.
82a-732 - Annual water use report required; penalty for violations.
82a-733 - Conservation plans and practices.
82a-734 - Sand and gravel pits; beneficial use of water, when; permit; application; fee; perfection of appropriation; examination of diversion works; assessment of water protection fee.
82a-734a - Sand and gravel pits, land-based; prohibition on certain rules and regulations, conditions.
82a-736 - Multi-year flex accounts; term permits.
82a-737 - Civil enforcement of act.
82a-738 - Studies and recommendations of chief engineer and state geological survey; report.
82a-739 - Installation of water flow measurement and data recording devices below Cedar Bluff reservoir; authorization of property owners; dissemination of data and report to legislative committees.
82a-741 - Water conservation program; enrollment; application; fees; administration; rules and regulations.
82a-742 - Division of a water right; application; fee.
82a-743 - Limited transfer permits; term; fee; base water right; rules and regulations.
82a-744 - Water management and conservation measures; due consideration by chief engineer.
82a-745 - Water conservation areas; establishment procedures; duties of chief engineer; notice; orders; consent agreement; review.
82a-761 - Title; implementation.
82a-762 - Definitions.
82a-763 - Water bank authority; deposits and leases; safe deposit accounts; restrictions.
82a-764 - Bankable water right, determination of.
82a-765 - Water bank charter; approval; requirements.
82a-766 - Water bank annual reports.
82a-767 - Evaluation of water bank; evaluation team; extension or lapse of charter; charter review.
82a-768 - Application of law relating to abandonment of water right.
82a-769 - Rules and regulations.
82a-770 - Enforcement of act.
82a-771 - Payment of certain costs of water bank.
82a-772 - Water resources cost fund.
82a-773 - Water office cost fund.