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2016 Statute

Section Number

82a-601 - Rural water-supply districts; organization; duties of board of county commissioners.
82a-602 - Petition for organization of water-supply district.
82a-602a - Rural water-supply districts; inclusion of land located in other benefit districts.
82a-603 - Time fixed for consideration of petition.
82a-604 - Consideration of petition by county commissioners.
82a-605 - Government of district.
82a-606 - Powers of water-supply districts.
82a-607 - Employment of labor and services.
82a-608 - Assessment of benefits and costs.
82a-609 - Payment of costs.
82a-610 - Operations and maintenance of improvements.
82a-611 - Dissolution.
82a-612 - Definitions.
82a-613 - Rural water districts; organization; duties of board of county commissioners.
82a-614 - Petition for organization; contents.
82a-614a - Rural water districts; inclusion of land located in other benefit districts.
82a-615 - Time for hearing petition; election of director; bylaws; notice of hearing.
82a-616 - Consideration of petitions; findings; incorporation, when.
82a-617 - Board of directors; qualifications; election; bylaws; adoption.
82a-618 - Board; governing body of district; meetings; vacancies; rules and regulations; duties of secretary.
82a-619 - Powers of rural water districts.
82a-619b - Same; alteration of location of pipelines on easements; costs.
82a-620 - Same; employment of labor and services.
82a-621 - Filings with chief engineer and secretary of district; benefit units; subscription to units; use of proceeds from units; sale of water.
82a-622 - Attachment of adjoining lands, when; petition, contents.
82a-623 - Attachment of adjoining land to water district; procedure; notice and hearing upon petition.
82a-624 - Findings of board; new boundaries; subscription to benefit units by landowners of attached territory.
82a-625 - Construction of works; issuance of revenue bonds, conditions.
82a-626 - Terms of members of board; annual meeting, notice; vote by participating members.
82a-627 - Officers of board; election; term.
82a-628 - Duties of chairman of board; compensation of chairman and other persons; budget, audit and report.
82a-629 - Dissolution of district; disposition of property and apportionment of proceeds.
82a-631 - Conversion of certain cooperative and nonprofit corporations into rural water districts; petition; requirements.
82a-632 - Same; notice and hearing.
82a-633 - Same; duties of county commissioners; declaration.
82a-634 - Same; holders of stock or certificates to hold benefit units.
82a-635 - Same; dissolution of corporation or cooperative, when.
82a-636 - Same; conversion provisions (82a-631 to 82a-635) supplemental to 82a-612 to 82a-629.
82a-637 - Rural water districts; transfer of assets, properties, funds and records of certain districts to city or board of public utilities of city; agreements between district and city or board of utilities; outstanding indebtedness and obligations; water service and rates; approval of U.S. secretary of agriculture.
82a-639 - Consolidation of rural water districts; duties of board of county commissioners.
82a-640 - Same; meeting prior to consolidation; notice; approval of consolidation; petition to county, contents.
82a-641 - Same; hearing on petition; notice; publication.
82a-642 - Same; findings of board of county commissioners; consolidation order.
82a-643 - Same; administration of property; powers of consolidated district; payment of revenue bonds, notes or other liabilities.
82a-644 - Same; election of officers of consolidated district; adoption of bylaws.
82a-645 - Same; participating members of consolidated district.
82a-646 - Release of lands from district; factors to consider; compensation, when; appraisers; appeal.
82a-647 - Release of lands from district; alternative procedure.
82a-648 - Mail ballot elections.
82a-649 - Acquisition of rural water district's system by adjoining municipality.
82a-650 - Acquisition of one district by another.