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2016 Statute

Section Number

80-2501 - Definitions.
80-2502 - Existing hospitals and districts governed by act; exceptions.
80-2503 - Hospital districts in adjoining political subdivisions; procedure to establish; petition and election; inclusion of territory in existing districts, when.
80-2504 - Same; hospital board; election; notice; term; annual meeting.
80-2505 - Same; transfer of hospital, property and funds to district.
80-2506 - Hospital districts in adjoining political subdivisions; increase in membership of board; procedure; petition; election; terms of new members; vacancies.
80-2507 - Same; selection of members of board of existing hospital.
80-2508 - Methods to select members of board; terms; qualifications; filing fees; ballots.
80-2509 - Same; hospital board; oath; organization; treasurer's bond; meetings; records and reports.
80-2510 - Same; hospital board; compensation; expenses.
80-2511 - Powers and duties of hospital board; bylaws; rules and regulations; expenditures and investments; hospital administrator and employees, appointment, bond and benefit plans.
80-2512 - Same; annual meeting of electors of district; notice.
80-2513 - Same; bonds; election; use of proceeds; debt limitation.
80-2514 - Same; construction projects; bids.
80-2515 - Same; construction projects; architect; contracts; bids.
80-2516 - Same; levy for hospital; limit; increase in levy; election required; distribution of tax revenue.
80-2517 - Same; lease of hospital property; contracts for management of hospital; authority to sue.
80-2518 - Hospital districts; hospital moneys; gifts and other donations; investment of moneys; financial records; transfer of moneys or property to not-for-profit corporation.
80-2519 - Same; no-fund warrants; procedure; election; limitation.
80-2520 - Same; sale of hospital property; procedures; financing for construction authorized, when.
80-2521 - Same; title to property.
80-2522 - Same; attachment of territory to district; procedure; petition.
80-2523 - Same; attachment of territory located in another district.
80-2524 - Same; disorganization of hospital, when.
80-2525 - Revenue bonds; procedure to issue; petition; election.
80-2526 - Same; revenue bonds; pledge of certain revenues.
80-2527 - Same; revenue bonds; not an indebtedness of hospital; exempt from debt limit.
80-2528 - Same; revenue bonds; negotiability; interest rate; terms.
80-2529 - Same; revenue bonds; covenants and agreements.
80-2530 - Same; revenue bonds; deposit of proceeds.
80-2531 - Same; revenue bonds; tax exemptions.
80-2532 - Same; revenue bonds; investment of proceeds.
80-2533 - Same; eminent domain.
80-2548 - Hospital district No. 1, Marion county, Kansas, authorized to convey, without consideration, certain property.
80-2549 - Attica Hospital District No. 1; election on bonds validated.
80-2550 - Definitions.
80-2551 - Health care facilities and services hospital districts; existence continued under act.
80-2552 - Health care facilities and services hospital districts; subject to provisions of general law.
80-2553 - Provisions of act supplemental to general hospital laws.
80-2554 - Health care facilities and services hospital district in Linn and Bourbon counties; contract to borrow money authorized; publication; protest petition; special election.
80-2555 - Norwich hospital district no. I of Kingman county declared a health care facilities and services hospital district.
80-2556 - Formation of certain hospital districts in Linn County.