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2016 Statute

Section Number

80-1501 - Townships and counties contracting with cities for fire protection; procedure; reorganization as a consolidated district.
80-1502 - Contracts by cities with counties, townships, individuals, firms or corporations to furnish fire-fighting service.
80-1503 - Same; tax levy.
80-1504 - Municipal firemen on regular duty outside of city; compensation; pension.
80-1507 - Benefit districts adjacent to or near cities; petition; directors; contracts.
80-1508 - Same; contracts for fire-fighting service.
80-1509 - Same; tax levies.
80-1511a - Certain townships between 14,000 and 16,500; contributions to incorporated fire fighting organizations providing service; limitation.
80-1512 - Creation of fire districts in certain townships; petition; notice and hearing; publication of resolution.
80-1512a - Inclusion of land located in other benefit districts.
80-1513 - Same; appeal to county commissioners; notice and hearing; inclusion of new lands; annexation of territory of district.
80-1514 - Same; governing body of fire district.
80-1514a - Fire districts in certain townships; governing body, powers.
80-1514b - Same; issuance of bonds and no-fund warrants.
80-1516 - Same; employees and volunteers; compensation; quarters; clothing and equipment; insurance.
80-1517 - Same; contracts for fire protection; conditions; privileges, immunities and exemptions.
80-1518 - Same; right of way on highways; siren.
80-1520 - Fire districts in certain townships; tax levies for operation and maintenance; notice of increased levy; petition, election.
80-1521 - Same; existing governing body to exercise powers until new body qualified.
80-1522 - Purchase of fire-fighting apparatus by certain townships; resolution; bonds; election; tax levies.
80-1523 - Same; housing and operation of apparatus purchased.
80-1524 - Certain townships over 17,500; creation of special districts by board; costs.
80-1524a - Inclusion of land located in other benefit districts.
80-1525 - Same; "township board" defined.
80-1526 - Same; creation of district by petition; procedure.
80-1527 - Same; hearing on petition; notice and hearing.
80-1528 - Same; findings by board; publication; meeting and hearing.
80-1529 - Same; organization of district or denial of petition; recordation; appeal.
80-1530 - Same; township board as governing body; powers; issuance of bonds and no-fund warrants.
80-1531 - Same; salaries of employees; volunteer firefighters.
80-1532 - Same; annual budget.
80-1533 - Same; tax levies.
80-1534 - Same; lease of special equipment or issuance of no-fund warrants in emergencies.
80-1535 - Townships and cities of third class in certain counties authorized to purchase fire truck and equipment; garage; no-fund warrants; tax levies.
80-1536 - Same; fire department or company, organization; agreements, conditions.
80-1537 - Same; tax levies; aggregate levy limitations inapplicable.
80-1538 - Township boards in counties between 75,000 and 155,000.
80-1539 - Same; contracts with other township for fire protection, procedure.
80-1540 - Fire district; creation; procedure; creation of new fire districts.
80-1540a - Inclusion of land located in other benefit districts.
80-1541 - Township fire districts; powers and authority; territory, limitations.
80-1542 - Same; governing body.
80-1543 - Same; purchase of land, buildings and equipment from township; use of proceeds.
80-1544 - Fire districts; governing body and auditing board; powers; compensation.
80-1545 - Same; contracts with cities, townships or other fire districts.
80-1546 - Tax levies; limitation; use of proceeds; protest and election, when.
80-1547 - Consolidation of certain fire districts in urban areas; resolution of county commissioners; petition of electors; election, when; effective date of consolidation.
80-1547a - Inclusion of land located in other benefit districts.
80-1548 - Same; governing body; meetings; powers; issuance of bonds and no-fund warrants.
80-1549 - Same; transfer of records, equipment, property.
80-1550 - Same; funds in fire district's treasury.
80-1551 - Same; tax levy for payment of outstanding indebtedness; duty of county clerk.
80-1552 - Same; no effect upon fireman's rights.
80-1553 - Same; certain tax levies prohibited; powers and duties of consolidated district.
80-1554 - Territory of township becoming part of two or more districts; transfer of unexpended balance from tax levy.
80-1555 - Certain townships may contract with fire district for purchase of equipment.
80-1556 - Certain townships may contract with certain fire districts for furnishing of fire-fighting services.
80-1557 - Emergency medical service; establishment, operation and maintenance; definitions.
80-1558 - Township special fire protection reserve fund; source of revenue; limitations.
80-1559 - Same; fire districts; source of revenue; limitations.