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2016 Statute

Section Number

75-6101 - Citation of act; claims to which act applicable; act applicable to municipalities.
75-6102 - Definitions.
75-6103 - Liability of governmental entities for damages caused by employee acts or omissions, when; applicable procedure.
75-6104 - Same; when; exceptions from liability.
75-6105 - Same; maximum liability for claims; apportionment of multiple claims; no liability for punitive or exemplary damages or interest.
75-6106 - Same; settlement of claims, procedure; effect of settlement.
75-6107 - Same; judgment against governmental entity, effect; judgment against employee, effect.
75-6108 - Same; defense of governmental entity or employee, when; provision of legal counsel to employee summoned to appear before grand jury or inquisition, when; refusal by governmental entity to provide defense, when; recovery of defense or legal counsel costs, when; requests to provide defense, procedure; reimbursement of defense costs, when.
75-6109 - Same; indemnification of employee acting within scope of employment; no punitive or exemplary damages; recovery or defense costs by governmental entity.
75-6110 - Same; costs for defense of municipalities or its employees; special liability expense fund, establishment and maintenance; tax levy.
75-6111 - Same; purchase of insurance; interlocal agreements for purchase of insurance or pooling arrangements.
75-6112 - Same; judgments against municipalities, payment; periodic payments, conditions; interest; structured annuities.
75-6113 - Moneys for payment of judgments or settlements against municipalities, sources.
75-6115 - Claims for damages against health care providers.
75-6116 - Defense and payment of liability and defense costs of employee in civil cases; payment of punitive or exemplary damages or reimbursement of related defense costs; compromise or settlement of claim; not a waiver of immunity; certain health care providers considered employees.
75-6117 - Tort claims fund for payment of claims and defense expenses.
75-6118 - Settlement of claims under other statutes.
75-6119 - Exception from liability for members of governing body, appointive board, commission, committee or council of a municipality.
75-6120 - Agreements for provision of gratuitous services by charitable health care providers; providers considered employees under act; rules and regulations; effect of claim on rate or cancellation of policy; reports.