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2016 Statute

Section Number

75-5501 - Formulation, installation and operation of system of payroll accounting; system elements and principles; modification for biweekly payroll periods; plan for deductions for certain employee organization and association dues.
75-5501a - Biweekly payroll periods; university of Kansas medical center; establishment for other state agencies, authority of secretary of administration; implementation procedures.
75-5502 - Payroll accounting system; staggered or cycled payroll periods or pay dates, limitations; powers of director of accounts and reports.
75-5503 - Same; changes in payroll periods and pay dates; notice to affected employees required; time for notice.
75-5504 - Same; duty of appointing authority to certify changes to payroll rosters and encumbrance documents to director of accounts and reports; reliance thereon by director.
75-5505 - Same; standard 40-hour workweek established; exception, when; submission of information to director of accounts and reports; inapplicability to elective state officers.
75-5506 - Same; conversion of existing salaries, ranges, rates and certain semimonthly compensation systems to hourly and biweekly rates when biweekly payroll periods approved.
75-5507 - Same; calculation of pay under biweekly pay system where records indicate pay due for more or less than full time; exceptions pursuant to rules and regulations.
75-5508 - Same; payment of terminated employee's earned wages.
75-5509 - Same; calculation of biweekly pay for nine-month school employees.
75-5510 - Same; conversion of monthly rates fixed for housing, food service or other employee maintenance to biweekly rates.
75-5511 - Same; reference in other laws to monthly pay of state employees construed.
75-5512 - Same; required compliance of certain contracts and memorandums of agreement with biweekly payroll periods; exemptions.
75-5514 - Same; rules and regulations by secretary of administration.
75-5515 - Payroll accounting system; fixing of salaries and wages, annual basis; payroll periods; budgeting and accounting for payroll payments; payment on hourly basis for certain employees, determination of wages.
75-5516 - Same; consolidated payrolls, accounts; payment of future salaries and wages; procedure; transactions between state agencies.
75-5517 - Compensation for accumulated sick leave upon retirement from state service; limitations; employee retirement contributions deducted.
75-5518 - Severability.
75-5519 - Payment of tuition and educational training costs of state agency personnel; rules and regulations.
75-5530 - State employee payroll deductions for purchase of United States savings bonds; rules and regulations; state employee defined.
75-5531 - State employee payroll deductions for contributions to charitable organizations; definitions.
75-5532 - Same; notification by employing agency of employee authorization; amounts deducted, limits; authorization withdrawal or modification; payroll deduction plan.
75-5533 - Same; fees for making payroll deductions and payments; manner of collection; disposition.
75-5534 - Same; rules and regulations for administration, prohibited acts.
75-5535 - State officers and employees payroll deductions for parking fees; authorization.
75-5536 - State agency payroll deduction plans.
75-5537 - Overtime compensation, determinations; holidays counted as time worked, when.
75-5541 - Longevity bonus payments; eligibility; limitations; administration.
75-5542 - State leave payment reserve fund; payment of compensation for accumulated sick and vacation leave; duties of secretary of administration.
75-5543 - Same; leave payment reserve assessment; rate and amount of assessment; gross wages defined.
75-5544 - Same; manner in which compensation made.
75-5545 - Same; rules and regulations.
75-5546 - Disaster service volunteer leave; citation of act.
75-5547 - Same; definitions.
75-5548 - Same; leave from work with pay for certified disaster service volunteers of American red cross; rate of compensation and preservation of benefits; when leave may be granted.
75-5549 - State employee leave sharing program, authorization; rules and regulations; guidelines.
75-5550 - Annual summary of compensation package, contents.
75-5551 - Compensation program for state employees; philosophy statements.
75-5552 - State agency expenditure of moneys budgeted for salaries, wages, compensation and associated employer contributions.
75-5553 - Same; priority for payment of salary and wage payroll obligations.