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2016 Statute

Section Number

75-401 - Oath; filing.
75-402 - Custody of books and papers; records.
75-403 - Proclamations and commissions; official bonds; applicant for appointment as notary public; time limit for completion and return of bond.
75-404 - Custodian of enrolled bills and resolutions; appropriation laws.
75-406 - Deposit of acts of congress and acts and reports of state in state library.
75-407 - Official seal.
75-408 - Records and documents not to be removed from office except for reproduction purposes.
75-409 - Certified copies under seal; evidentiary effect; fees, approval.
75-410 - Custody and distribution of printed laws, returns of elections, charters and other documents.
75-411 - Reports to governor or legislature; access to office by governor or committee.
75-412 - Assistant secretary of state; deputy assistants; legal counsel; oaths; duties; appointment of other personnel.
75-413 - Employees.
75-414 - Performance of duties imposed by law.
75-417 - Actions against state as judgment lien holder or as claimant of real property; venue; service of summons upon attorney general.
75-419 - Flags and banners; purchase and sale of official.
75-420 - Same; fund; disposition.
75-430 - Kansas register; compilation, indexing and publication by secretary of state; publications to be included; publication intervals; inclusion of materials by reference; disposition and sale of copies.
75-430a - Same; publication of notice of negotiations for certain contracts, sales of property and mineral production and other leases.
75-431 - Kansas register; electronic filing of documents; duties of secretary of state; conflicts; original copies.
75-433 - Same; secretary of state to fix publication fees charged state agencies and subscription fees charged to subscribers; moneys credited to state register's fee fund; expenditures from fund.
75-434 - Same; official state paper construed to mean Kansas register.
75-435 - Annual review of fees charged; recommendations to senate ways and means and house appropriations committees.
75-436 - Sale of session laws, Kansas Statutes Annotated, senate and house journals and Kansas administrative regulations; postage and delivery fees, disposition.
75-437 - Sale of computerized information; fees.
75-438 - Information and services fees; fund.
75-439 - Prepaid services fund; deposits; transfers to other funds; refunds.
75-440 - Secretary of state authorized to administer oaths.
75-441 - Cemetery and funeral audit fee fund; fees remitted and credited; expenditures.
75-442 - Audits of prearranged funeral agreements and cemetery corporations, payment of expenses; fixed and charged by secretary of state.
75-443 - Business reports and documents, electronic filing; rules and regulations.
75-444 - Technology communication fee fund; fees remitted and credited; expenditures.
75-445 - Franchise fee recovery fund.
75-446 - Annual report fees, remittance.
75-447 - Annual reports, applicable law.
75-448 - Uniform commercial code fee fund; information provided by secretary of state and register of deeds, fees, remittance.
75-451 - Purpose.
75-452 - Definitions.
75-453 - Substitute mailing address; application requirements; procedure; certification into program; notification; penalty.
75-454 - Same; cancellation; name change after certification; address change; nondeliverable address; use of false information.
75-455 - Substitute address; use; forwarding mail.
75-456 - Same; rules and regulations authorized.
75-457 - Same; substitute address released; exceptions.
75-458 - Same; designation of enrolling agents.