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2016 Statute

Section Number

74-8701 - Title of act.
74-8702 - Definitions.
74-8703 - Kansas lottery established; executive director and other personnel; cooperation of other agencies; emergency purchases.
74-8704 - Executive director, powers.
74-8705 - Major procurement contracts; procurement negotiating committee; background investigation and information.
74-8706 - Executive director, duties.
74-8708 - Lottery retailers.
74-8709 - Kansas lottery commission; membership; qualifications; chairperson; terms; meetings; powers and duties; compensation and allowances.
74-8710 - Rules and regulations; Kansas lottery act; Kansas expanded lottery act; approval of new games; keno.
74-8711 - Lottery operating fund; deposits; authorized uses; transfers to state gaming revenues fund.
74-8712 - Lottery prize payment fund.
74-8713 - Loans to lottery from state general fund.
74-8714 - Law enforcement powers, certain employees.
74-8715 - Assistant attorney general.
74-8716 - Conflicts of interests; penalties.
74-8717 - Forgery of lottery ticket; penalty.
74-8718 - Unlawful sale of lottery ticket; penalty.
74-8719 - Unlawful purchase of lottery ticket; penalty.
74-8720 - Prizes.
74-8721 - Ticket sales exempt from sales tax.
74-8722 - Lottery advertisements and promotions, minors.
74-8723 - Abolition of lottery.
74-8724 - Veterans benefit lottery game; disposition of net profits.
74-8731 - Multistate lottery; agreement; enactment.
74-8732 - Same; state's representative.
74-8733 - Kansas expanded lottery act, severability; constitutional challenges in Shawnee county district court.
74-8734 - Lottery gaming facilities; gaming zones; gaming facility management contract requirements; privilege fees; revenue distribution; eminent domain prohibited.
74-8735 - Lottery gaming facility review board; membership; compensation; attachment to Kansas racing and gaming commission.
74-8736 - Lottery gaming facility management contract approval process; parimutuel licensees; deadlines.
74-8737 - Lottery gaming facility; county election required; waiver.
74-8738 - Certification of county election.
74-8739 - Sale or service of alcohol permitted.
74-8740 - Contracts to place electronic gaming machines at parimutuel licensee locations.
74-8741 - Racetrack facility management contracts; requirements; contract shall not constitute property.
74-8742 - Lottery commission, Kansas racing and gaming commission approval of racetrack gaming facility management contracts.
74-8743 - Electronic gaming machines at parimutuel racing facilities; county election required; waiver.
74-8744 - Executive director duties; rules and regulations; electronic gaming machines, limitations on number; privilege fee.
74-8745 - Information and data disclosure procedures; certain information confidential.
74-8746 - Requirements for electronic gaming machines at parimutuel licensee locations; Sedgwick, Wyandotte and Crawford counties; exceptions.
74-8747 - Net electronic gaming machine income; distribution.
74-8748 - Kansas lottery commission; rules and regulations.
74-8749 - Electronic gaming machine operating criteria; pay out; link to central lottery communication system.
74-8750 - Examination and certification of electronic gaming machines, lottery facility games; confiscation of certain machines.
74-8751 - Rules and regulations; certification of certain persons connected with lottery gaming and racetrack gaming.
74-8752 - Inspection; investigation; approval of advertising; annual audits; open records exception.
74-8753 - Certain financing, tax abatement prohibited.
74-8754 - Claims; state and state officials held harmless; insurance provisions.
74-8755 - Consent to any action or garnishment by lottery gaming facility manager and racetrack gaming facility manager.
74-8756 - Wager, loan and credit restrictions; criminal penalties.
74-8757 - Lottery gaming facilities; age restrictions.
74-8758 - Racetrack gaming facility, lottery gaming facility wagering restrictions; penalties.
74-8759 - Manipulating electronic gaming machine game or lottery facility game, penalty.
74-8760 - Unlawful wagering; penalties.
74-8761 - Gray machines prohibited; penalties.
74-8762 - Restrictions on state and local officials and affiliated persons; penalties.
74-8763 - Criminal history records check.
74-8764 - Problem gambling; posting information signs; failure to post, penalty.
74-8765 - Major procurement contract restrictions inapplicable.
74-8766 - Expanded lottery receipts fund established; separate accounts for each facility.
74-8767 - Live horse racing purse and live greyhound racing purse supplemental fund; authorized uses.
74-8768 - Expanded lottery act revenues fund; authorized uses.
74-8769 - Background checks.
74-8770 - Local government taxes prohibited.
74-8771 - Transportation of gaming devices, exemption from federal act.
74-8772 - Kansas racing and gaming commission; rules and regulations.
74-8773 - Employment of officers and employees; unclassified service.