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2016 Statute

Section Number

74-120 - Consideration of felony convictions of applicants for licensure by state agencies.
74-127 - Abolition of advisory committee to the state board of agriculture on anhydrous ammonia, pesticide advisory board, state telecommunications advisory committee and advisory committee to the executive director of the Kansas water resources board for weather modification.
74-128 - References to state agencies abolished under 74-127; transfer of records and property; conflict resolved by governor.
74-129 - Abolition of day care advisory committee, rehabilitation and halfway house advisory committee and natural and scientific areas advisory board.
74-130 - References to board and committees abolished under 74-129; transfer of records and property; conflict resolved by governor.
74-131 - Certain boards, commissions and committees abolished.
74-132 - Same; disposition of books, records and property.
74-133 - Same; books, records and property of commission on fire protection personnel transferred to state fire marshal.
74-134 - Same; books, records and property of joint council on recreation transferred to department of wildlife, parks and tourism.
74-135 - Same; books, records and property of land survey advisory committee transferred to state historical society.
74-136 - Same; books, records and property of commission on applied remote sensing transferred to university of Kansas.
74-137 - Same; reference to abolished agency; act does not impair existing contracts.
74-138 - Same; filing statement of substantial interest.
74-139 - Licensure, certification or registration by state authority; applicants requested to provide social security number.
74-140 - Abolition of certain boards, commissions and committees; references null and void; disposition of moneys; officers and employees; vested rights and pending civil and criminal actions saved; resolution of conflicts.
74-146 - Licensing bodies; procedures to suspend or terminate a professional license.
74-147 - Notice of contempt, warrant or subpoena outstanding to licensing body; temporary license; ability to revoke or suspend; court jurisdiction.
74-148 - Social security number; requested on certain applications.
74-149 - Limitation on professional license consequences because of first violation of driving under the influence.