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2016 Statute

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68-132.Same; contracts; specifications and bids; publication notice; bond of contractor; inspector. All contracts for such improvements costing more than $100 shall be in writing. At least twenty (20) days before the township board shall let any contract for such improvement, they shall cause accurate plans and complete specifications therefor, together with a detailed estimate under oath of the cost of such improvement, to be made by some competent persons and filed with the clerk of the township board, for the inspection of all persons interested therein.

The township board shall advertise for bids to do such work in accordance with such plans and specifications in a newspaper in general circulation in the county where such improvement is sought to be made at least ten days before the letting. All bids shall be in writing and signed by the bidder and presented to the township board by the bidder, his agent or attorney, at a public meeting thereof, and all bids shall be considered and accepted or rejected at such meeting. The contract shall be let to the lowest responsible bidder, but the township board may reject any and all bids and shall not accept a bid in excess of the estimated cost of such improvement. The township board shall require the successful bidder to furnish a bond in equal amount of the cost of the improvement for the full and faithful performance of the contract, and another bond running to the people of the state of Kansas, conditioned for the payment of wages earned and material furnished in the performance of the contract. Said bond shall be for the full amount of said contract and shall be filed with the clerk of the district court of the county in which said township is situated.

The township board shall select a competent inspector, who shall inspect and see that said work is being done in accordance with the plans and specifications; said inspector shall receive for his services the sum of three dollars ($3) per day to be taxed as costs for such improvement and said cost shall be included in the bids of the contractors.

History: L. 1919, ch. 313, § 2; June 17; R.S. 1923, 68-132.

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