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2016 Statute

Section Number

65-4901 - Medical malpractice screening panels; convening; selection of members; list of health care providers maintained by state agency.
65-4902 - Same; notice to parties; designation or selection of health care provider.
65-4903 - Convening of panel; notice; findings; notice, organization and conduct of meetings; rules by supreme court; meetings held in camera.
65-4904 - Recommendations on issue; concurring and dissenting opinions; notice to parties; copy of opinion to judge; admissibility of screening panel's report and subpoena of panel members in subsequent legal proceedings.
65-4905 - Rejection by one or more parties; court action.
65-4906 - Immunity of screening panel from damages, when.
65-4907 - Compensation of panel members; assessment of costs.
65-4908 - Filing memorandum request for panels to toll statute of limitations, when.
65-4909 - Limited liability for certain associations of health care providers, review organizations, committee members and individuals or entities acting at request thereof; good faith requirement; "health care provider" defined.
65-4914 - Public policy relating to provision of health care.
65-4915 - Peer review; health care providers, services and costs; definitions; authority of peer review officer or committee; records and testimony of information contained therein privileged; licensing agency disciplinary proceedings; exceptions.
65-4916 - Severability of act.
65-4921 - Definitions.
65-4922 - Medical care facilities; risk management program required; submission of plan; inspections and investigations; approval of plan; reports and records confidential.
65-4923 - Reporting requirements.
65-4924 - Reports relating to impaired providers; procedures.
65-4925 - Reports, records and proceedings confidential and privileged; licensing agency disciplinary proceedings.
65-4926 - Immunity from civil liability for report or investigation, limits.
65-4927 - Failure to report; remedies; immunity from civil liability.
65-4928 - Employer retribution for reporting; prohibition; remedy.
65-4929 - Purpose of risk management programs; status of entities conducting programs; antitrust immunity.
65-4930 - Act supplemental to existing law.
65-4941 - Do not resuscitate orders or directives; definitions.
65-4942 - Same; form.
65-4943 - Same; requirements of form.
65-4944 - Same; immunity from liability.
65-4945 - Same; existing documents, compliance with act.
65-4946 - Same; DNR identifier; duties of emergency medical services board; rules and regulations.
65-4947 - Same; validity of DNR order during transport of patient.
65-4948 - Same; rules and regulations.
65-4955 - Health care provider cooperation act; legislative findings; protection of public.
65-4956 - Same; definitions.
65-4957 - Same; cooperative agreements; application for certificate of public advantage; application fees; issuance of certificate of public advantage, when; evaluation of cooperative agreement; amendment of approved agreement.
65-4958 - Same; annual review of approved cooperative agreement; proceedings to terminate certificate of public advantage.
65-4959 - Same; file of cooperative agreements for which certificates of public advantage are in effect; notice of termination.
65-4960 - Same; cooperative agreement for which certificate of public advantage issued is lawful agreement; negotiating and entering into cooperative agreement is lawful conduct; application of act; effect of provisions of cooperative agreement.
65-4961 - Same; advisory committee of health care providers created.
65-4965 - Citation of act.
65-4966 - Patient entitled to receive copy of contact lens prescription; disclosures; prescription limitations.
65-4967 - Definition of person dispensing contact lenses for purposes of section; persons mailing or delivering contact lenses to patients in Kansas; registration requirements; fees; temporary suspension or limitation of registration; emergency proceedings; moneys remitted to state board of healing arts.
65-4968 - Revocation of registration or license for failure to comply with requirements of act; civil fines for violations; disposition of moneys; injunction remedy for violations; enforcement of act.
65-4969 - Contact lens advisory council established; membership on council; expenses of members.
65-4974 - Research protocols; informed consent of adults and emancipated minors.
65-4975 - Pain patient's quality of care act.
65-4976 - Legislative findings on pain treatment.
65-4977 - Persons suffering from pain; use of controlled substances for pain treatment.
65-4978 - Medical retainer agreement; definitions; requirements; notice.