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2016 Statute

Section Number

65-1421 - License required to practice dentistry or dental hygiene.
65-1422 - Persons deemed to be practicing dentistry.
65-1423 - Act inapplicable to certain practices, acts and operations; definitions.
65-1424 - Definitions; arrangement with unlicensed proprietor; limitation, suspension or revocation of license; selling or closing dental practice of deceased or substantially disabled dentist; rules and regulations.
65-1425 - Corporations not to practice dentistry; exception; employee to display name.
65-1426 - Application for license; temporary license; qualifications of applicants; approval of dental schools or colleges.
65-1427 - Specialists; standards and qualifications; certificate fee; limiting practice; misdemeanor; suspension or revocation of license.
65-1428 - Examination of applicants; examination subjects and results; licenses.
65-1429 - Subsequent examination upon failure to pass; fee.
65-1430 - Display of name and license.
65-1431 - Renewal of license; application; continuing education; biennial license renewal fee; cancellation; penalty fee; waiver for retired or disabled persons; examination for persons returning to active practice after retirement or disability.
65-1431a - Reinstatement of a revoked license; application form; burden of proof; conditions and restrictions; proceedings; stay of order of revocation of license.
65-1432 - Change of practice location address.
65-1433 - Duplicate license; fee.
65-1434 - Licenses issued without examination; qualifications of applicants; appearance before board; "applicant" defined.
65-1435 - Improper use of certain names by dentists; exceptions; unlawful acts; suspension or revocation of license; limitation on multiple office ownership.
65-1436 - Grounds for refusal to issue license or for action against license of dentist or dental hygienist; disciplinary action by board; notice and hearing; professionally incompetent defined; physical or mental examination.
65-1437 - Advertising; prohibitions; rules and regulations; "licensee" defined.
65-1438 - Using services of unlicensed person; written prescription; misdemeanors; suspension or revocation of license.
65-1439 - Unlawful advertising or use of dental services and appliances; misdemeanor; revocation of license.
65-1441 - Sale, offer to sell, procurement or alteration of diploma or license; misdemeanor; fraud or cheating.
65-1442 - Board to assist prosecuting officers.
65-1444 - Drugs; surgery; anaesthetics; appliances; qualifications for administering intravenous sedation and general anaesthetics; sedation permits; rules and regulations; assistant administering and monitoring nitrous oxide or oxygen, requirements; denial, revocation, suspension or limitation of sedation permit.
65-1445 - Druggists may fill prescriptions.
65-1446 - Title and letters.
65-1447 - Fees; fixed by board, guidelines and limitations.
65-1448 - Wartime fee remittance rules.
65-1449 - Revocation or suspension of license, statement of charges; emergency adjudication; temporary suspension or limitation.
65-1451 - Injunctions.
65-1452 - Subpoenas and testimony.
65-1453 - Taking of depositions.
65-1454 - Witnesses; incriminating testimony compelled; exempt from prosecution.
65-1455 - Licensing of dental hygienists; examination, fee; license fee; temporary license; qualifications; display of license; approval of schools of dental hygiene, criteria; unlawful practice of dental hygiene, penalties.
65-1456 - Dental hygienists; suspension or revocation of licenses, when; notice and hearing; practice of dental hygiene defined; rules and regulations; supervision defined; where performance of practice authorized, issuance of permits therefor; authorized activities, requirements; "dentally underserved" defined.
65-1456a - Retired, disabled and inactive dental hygienists; qualifications for extended care permit.
65-1457 - Licensure required to practice dental hygiene.
65-1458 - Dentists and dental hygienists; revocation or suspension of licenses; hearing; review.
65-1459 - Dental interns; rules and regulations; revocation of permits.
65-1460 - Penalties for violations.
65-1461 - Invalidity of part.
65-1462 - Immunity from liability in civil actions for reporting, communicating and investigating certain information concerning alleged malpractice incidents and other information; conditions.
65-1464 - Citation of dental practices act.
65-1465 - Denture or dental prosthesis to be marked with name or social security number, or both, of patient.
65-1466 - Dental services for dentally indigent persons; entities authorized to employ or contract with persons licensed under dental practices act for such services; reports by federally qualified health centers and clinics employing a national health service corps dentist; requirements for retired dentists providing such dental services.
65-1467 - Dental board complaints and related information confidential, limited disclosure authorized.
65-1468 - Professional liability insurance required to practice dentistry.
65-1469 - Mobile dental facility or portable dental operation; registration; application of section.
65-1470 - Dental office administrative service agreements; registration requirements.
65-1471 - Dental services agreements; limitations.
65-1472 - Special volunteer dental license established; requirements.