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2016 Statute

Section Number

65-6a18 - Definitions.
65-6a19 - Cooperation with U.S. department of agriculture.
65-6a20 - Inspection of livestock, rabbits and poultry before slaughter; separate slaughter for diseased; inspection of carcasses.
65-6a21 - Post-mortem inspection of carcasses capable of use as human food; marking or labeling; destruction of adulterated carcasses for food purposes; removal of inspectors for failure to destroy.
65-6a22 - Inspection of carcasses prior to entry into department for processing; inspection of meat and poultry food products returned to slaughtering or processing establishment; limitation of entry of carcasses and products.
65-6a23 - Inspection of meat and poultry food products; inspectors' ingress and egress; marking or labeling of products; destruction of adulterated products; removal of inspectors.
65-6a24 - Packaged meat and poultry products; labeling and container standards; violations, procedure; hearing; judicial review.
65-6a25 - Sanitary conditions of establishments; sanitation rules and regulations; adulterated meat, poultry or products.
65-6a26 - Inspection during both day and nighttime operation; inspection fee schedule; overtime payment.
65-6a27 - Violations of act.
65-6a28 - Acts involving official marks, labels and certificates or simulation thereof prohibited.
65-6a29 - Horses, mules and rabbits; labeling of carcass or products; preparation in separate establishment.
65-6a30 - Meat and poultry inspection program established; personnel; inspection duties; rules and regulations.
65-6a31 - Exceptions to inspection requirements; custom slaughtering.
65-6a32 - Storage and handling of meat, poultry and food products; rules and regulations.
65-6a33 - Slaughter and preparation of meat and products not for human food, not inspected; identification.
65-6a34 - Engaging in business; registration required; annual fee; reinstatement fee.
65-6a34a - Denial or suspension of registration; hearing; appeal.
65-6a35 - Cooperation with U.S. secretary of agriculture; appointment to advisory committees.
65-6a36 - Refusal to provide or withdraw inspection services for applicant or recipient convicted of certain offenses; hearing.
65-6a37 - Adulterated or misbranded meat or products; procedure.
65-6a38 - Act not affecting trade of locker plant located near border of state.
65-6a39 - Jurisdiction to enforce act vested in district court.
65-6a40 - Penalties.
65-6a41 - Records; maintenance and access to records; refusal to furnish certain information and documents to secretary unlawful.
65-6a43 - Severability of act.
65-6a44 - Adoption of regulations.
65-6a44a - Secretary to establish standards of identity for water added pork products.
65-6a45 - Meat and poultry inspection; disposition of moneys received; meat and poultry inspection fee fund.
65-6a46 - Title of act.
65-6a47 - Imported meat, poultry or dairy products; labeling; definitions.
65-6a48 - Same; enforcement of act.
65-6a49 - Same; injunctions.
65-6a50 - Same; prosecution for violation of act.
65-6a51 - Same; rules and regulations.
65-6a52 - Penalty.
65-6a53 - Imported catfish; labeling.
65-6a54 - Same; rules and regulations.
65-6a55 - Same; violation of act; penalty.
65-6a56 - Violations of meat and poultry inspection act; civil penalties; disposition of moneys.
65-6a57 - Actions arising out of consumption of a meat product; liability of producer where livestock inspected under Kansas law.
65-6a58 - Same; liability of producer where livestock inspected under federal law.Same; liability of producer where livestock inspected under federal law.
65-6a59 - Voluntary inspection of animals.
65-6a60 - Supervision of operations; slaughtering operations; processing operations; work schedules.