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2016 Statute


65-431.Rules and regulations; selection of professional staff; hospital compliance through combined operation. (a) The licensing agency shall adopt, amend, promulgate and enforce such rules and regulations and standards with respect to the different types of medical care facilities to be licensed hereunder as may be designed to further the accomplishment of the purposes of this law in promoting safe and adequate treatment of individuals in medical care facilities in the interest of public health, safety and welfare.

(b) No rule or regulation shall be made by the licensing agency which would discriminate against any practitioner of the healing arts who is licensed to practice medicine and surgery in this state. Boards of trustees or directors of facilities licensed pursuant to the provisions of this act shall have the right, in accordance with law, to select the professional staff members of such facilities and to select and employ interns, nurses and other personnel, and no rules and regulations or standards of the licensing agency shall be valid which, if enforced, would interfere in such selection or employment. In the selection of professional staff members, no hospital licensed under K.S.A. 65-425 et seq. shall discriminate against any practitioner of the healing arts who is licensed to practice medicine and surgery in this state for reasons based solely upon the practitioner's branch of the healing arts or the school or health care facility in which the practitioner received medical schooling or postgraduate training.

(c) In formulating rules and regulations, the agency shall give due consideration to the size of the medical care facility, the type of service it is intended to render, the scope of such service and the financial resources in and the needs of the community which such facility serves.

(d) A hospital consisting of more than one establishment shall be considered in compliance with the rules and regulations of the licensing agency if all basic services required by the agency are available as a part of the combined operation and if the following basic services are available at each establishment: Continuous nursing service, continuous physician coverage on duty or on call, basic diagnostic radiological and laboratory facilities, drug room, emergency services, food service, and patient isolation.

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