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2016 Statute

Section Number

50-617 - Receipt of unsolicited goods, wares or merchandise deemed gift, when; negative option invitation or announcement; defense in action for return; deceptive act or practice.
50-618 - Unsolicited credit cards; rights of recipient when card lost or stolen.
50-619 - Definitions.
50-620 - Prohibited acts; certain information as to ownership of junk required; register.
50-621 - Same; junk dealer prohibited from purchasing items of junk without receiving from seller information as to ownership; record of ownership.
50-622 - Penalty.
50-623 - Kansas consumer protection act; purpose; construction.
50-624 - Definitions.
50-625 - Waiver; agreement to forego rights; settlement of claims.
50-626 - Deceptive acts and practices.
50-627 - Unconscionable acts and practices.
50-628 - Duties of the attorney general.
50-629 - General powers of the attorney general.
50-630 - Rule-making requirements.
50-631 - Investigation of violations; remedies.
50-632 - Remedies of the attorney general or any county or district attorney; procedure for sequestration.
50-633 - Coordination with other supervision.
50-634 - Private remedies.
50-635 - Consumer protection act; application.
50-636 - Civil penalties.
50-637 - Powers of receiver; effect of receivership.
50-638 - Jurisdiction and venue.
50-639 - Disclaimer or limitation of warranties; liabilities; attorney fees, when; section inapplicable to seed for planting, livestock for agricultural purposes or disposal of surplus property by a governmental entity.
50-640 - Door-to-door sales; cancellation; required disclosures; notice of cancellation; definition.
50-640a - Individuals prohibited from engaging in door-to-door sales.
50-642 - Citation of act.
50-643 - Severability.
50-644 - Thermal insulation, flame spread standards.
50-645 - Motor vehicle warranties; definitions; consumer rights and remedies; enforcement by attorney general.
50-646 - Same; other remedies.
50-647 - Odometer fraud; civil remedies; definitions.
50-648 - Odometer fraud; purchase of motor vehicle voided; consumer remedies.
50-649 - Odometer fraud; enforcement by attorney general.
50-650 - Odometer fraud; purchase of motor vehicle not voided; consumer remedies.
50-651 - Odometer fraud; civil penalty.
50-652 - Odometer statement required; exceptions.
50-653 - Title search disclosure; supplier no liability if disclosed.
50-653a - Odometer fraud; attorney general investigations of violations; subpoena power.
50-654 - Kansas collision damage waiver act; citation.
50-655 - Application of act.
50-656 - Definitions.
50-657 - Rental agreement; collision damage waiver; requirements.
50-658 - Collision damage waiver; deceptive acts or practices.
50-659 - Vehicle dealer's duty to disclose specific facts; failure to disclose creates rebuttable presumption; definitions; deceptive act or practice.
50-660 - After market parts; definitions.
50-661 - Disclosure by insurer to use after market parts; violations.
50-662 - Disclosure requirements; installer of parts responsible for negligent installation.
50-663 - Enforcement under consumer protection act; deceptive act or practice.
50-664 - Vehicles not covered by act.
50-665 - Failure to disclose by vehicle dealer that vehicle is being sold by dealer.
50-666 - Invention promotion services; definitions.
50-667 - Same; disclosures; required information and statement in contract.
50-668 - Deceptive act or practice; supplemental to Kansas consumer protection act.
50-669 - Required presentation of credit card when writing a check; exceptions.
50-669a - Prohibiting the taking of personal information when using a credit card.
50-669b - Prohibiting printing of credit card or debit card account numbers on receipts.
50-670 - Kansas no-call act; definitions; requirements and prohibitions; remedies.
50-670a - Same; no-call list; prohibitions; remedies; attorney general, powers and duties.
50-671 - Definitions.
50-672 - Verbal agreement not valid unless signed confirmation; consumer not liable for payment, when; right to cancel.
50-673 - When law inapplicable; implied warranty of telemarketer exempted pursuant to this section; consumer's right to cancel and refund.
50-674 - Where law enforced.
50-675 - Supplemental to Kansas consumer protection act; unconscionable acts.
50-676 - Protected consumer; definitions.
50-677 - Same; enhanced civil penalty.
50-678 - Same; factors to consider in imposition of enhanced civil penalty.
50-679 - Same; cause of action; priority over enhanced civil penalty.
50-679a - K.S.A. 50-676 through 50-679 supplemental to consumer protection act.
50-680 - Title of act.
50-681 - Definitions.
50-682 - Lease-purchase agreements; scope; applicability of other laws.
50-683 - Same; required disclosures by lessor, when and how.
50-684 - Same; required disclosures in agreement.
50-685 - Same; proscribed provisions.
50-686 - Same; consumer's right to reinstate agreement.
50-687 - Same; written receipt required.
50-688 - Same; renegotiations.
50-689 - Same; advertisements.
50-690 - Same; unconscionable act or practice.
50-692 - Prize notification; definitions; requirements of notice and solicitation; violations.
50-696 - Definitions.
50-697 - Warranty of manufacturer who sells assistive device to consumer; repair of nonconforming assistive device; remedies of nonconformity not repaired; current value of written lease; reasonable allowance.
50-698 - Duties of consumer to receive comparable new assistive device or refund; duties of manufacturer and assistive device lessor.
50-699 - Enforcement of lease agreement prohibited in certain circumstances; full written disclosure required prior to sale or lease of returned assistive device.
50-6,100 - Arbitration of disputes.
50-6,101 - Rights or remedies of consumer not limited; waiver by consumer of rights void; action to recover damages.
50-6,102 - Act part of and supplemental to Kansas consumer protection act; deceptive practices; enforcement by attorney general; other rights and remedies not limited.
50-6,103 - Telecommunications services; unauthorized change of provider ("slamming") or addition of services ("cramming").
50-6,104 - Sale of cigarettes in violation of cigarette and tobacco products act.
50-6,105 - Method of payment; express authorization required; when.
50-6,106 - Unconscionable acts; remedies.
50-6,107 - Commercial electronic mail act; definitions; consumer rights, requirements and prohibitions; private actions to seek relief; civil penalty; affirmative defense; unconscionable acts or practices.
50-6,108 - Gift certificates or gift cards; regulation of; exceptions; definitions.
50-6,109 - Scrap metal theft reduction act; definitions.
50-6,109a - Same; implementation, administration and enforcement by attorney general; rules and regulations; scrap metal theft reduction fee fund; database.
50-6,109b - Same; violations, powers of attorney general.
50-6,109c - Same; violations, civil penalty; appeal.
50-6,109d - Same; civil action by attorney general; penalty.
50-6,109e - Same; engaging in business, jurisdiction; administrative or civil action, venue.
50-6,109f - Scrap metal; regulation by municipality, limitations.
50-6,110 - Unlawful acts, person selling regulated scrap metal; information required; signed statement; photographs; dealer's register; exceptions.
50-6,111 - Unlawful acts, scrap metal dealer; required information; records.
50-6,112a - Scrap metal dealer registration; fees.
50-6,112b - Same; persons and business entities prohibited from registration; criminal history records check, fingerprints.
50-6,112c - Same; suspension or revocation; appeal.
50-6,113 - Pest inspections relating to real estate transactions; certification required; deceptive act.
50-6,114 - Vehicle protection products; definitions; not insurance.
50-6,115 - Same; incidental costs; conditions.
50-6,116 - Truth in musical performance advertising act.
50-6,117 - Same; definitions.
50-6,118 - Same; unlawful advertising of a live musical performance; exceptions.
50-6,119 - Same; civil penalty.
50-6,120 - Same; affirmative defense.
50-6,121 - Kansas roofing registration act; citation.
50-6,122 - Same, definitions.
50-6,123 - Same; registration certificate required; penalties.
50-6,124 - Same; administration of act; rules and regulations.
50-6,125 - Same; registration application requirements; refusal to register; notification.
50-6,126 - Same; criminal history record inquiry.
50-6,127 - Same; duties of roofing contractor.
50-6,128 - Same; fees; roofing contractor registration fund.
50-6,129 - Same; exemptions.
50-6,130 - Same; application for registration, time limit for processing.
50-6,131 - Same; notification of attorney general required, when; fees.
50-6,132 - Same; roofing contractor registration certificate renewal; reinstatement fee.
50-6,133 - Same; violations; complaints; investigations; subpoenas.
50-6,134 - Same; nonresident roofing contractor registration requirements; agent for service of process.
50-6,135 - Same; disclosure of roofing contractor's registration certificate number.
50-6,136 - Same; information system, establishment of.
50-6,137 - Same; effect on other statutes.
50-6,138 - Same; deceptive or unconscionable acts or practices.
50-6,138a - Violations; general contractor's duty to report.
50-6,138b - Letter of exemption for general contractor.
50-6,139 - Identity theft; identity fraud; unconscionable act or practice; Wayne Owen act.
50-6,139a - Attorney general assistance for victims of identity-related crimes.
50-6,139b - Requirements for holders of personal information.
50-6,140 - Bad faith assertion of patent infringement; unconscionable act or practice.
50-6,141 - Unlicensed conduct as a bail enforcement agent; penalties